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Bahrain Freedom Movement Press Release
Bahrain: Independence Day remembered as royal commission nears collapse

Tension is rising in the country on the eve of Imam Ali’s martyrdom. The regime’s armed militias (Death Squads) have threatened to attack the religious procession in Muharraq tonight and tomorrow night.

19 August 2011

These squads are responsible for the abduction, torture and killing hundreds of Bahrainis in the past twelve months. They are run by the royal court and are immune from prosecution. There are hundreds of images of these squads wreaking havoc on the citizens. They often roam the streets wielding axes, swords, wooden sticks or guns. They were deployed last summer after the crackdown on the opposition figures to instill fear in the hearts of the people. Their actions have only solidified the will of the people to oppose the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. When the 14th February youth declared the revolution these Death Squads were granted extra weapons and powers to attack humans and properties. Bahrainis have appealed to the international community to intervene to stop these thugs before the situation gets out of control. Bahrainis will not allow themselves to be intimidated.

Last night demonstrations erupted in most areas amid massive attacks by the regime’s forces. Bahrainis have celebrated 40 years of independence from the British rule in their own ways. They wanted to tell the world that the struggle of the people had contributed to the independence and that the 150 years British rule was abruptly ended. The message is that regardless of the duration of the occupation, it has to end one day. The Al Khalifa rule is also bound by this fact; it has to end one day. It is not eternal; it is a temporary arrangement that is now doomed due to the excesses of the regime. The people of Dair took to the streets, breaking the siege by the regime’s forces. They marched bare-chested near the main entrance to the town until they were mercilessly attacked by the aggressors who used tear and chemical gases, rubber bullets and shotguns. The Al Khalifa forces also attacked people’s properties and cars.

The people of Sitra marched on 17th August near the main road before they were attacked by the regime’s forces. Moving images show clearly the intensity of the confrontations that had taken place near the police station and the National Bank building. Similar scenes were reported at Mhazza, wadyan, Sfala, El Ekr and Ma’amir. On the same day another demonstration in Dair was attacked near Martyr Zakaria Al Ashiri’s Square. All kinds of repressive measures were used against the demonstrations that have continued in most areas of Bahrain to mark the Independence Day which the regime has refused to recognize. Many casualties were reported and the images of these indicate intentional attacks to suppress the voice of dissent and revenge from those who defy the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Jalila Al Salman, the teacher who began a hunger strike last week has been transferred to hospital after her health deteriorated on Wednesday. She was joined by Dr Rola Al Saffar who is also behind bars for treating the injured in March. Medics have remained in detention ever since as the international community failed to force the regime to release them.

In a separate development the discredited royal commission, headed by Charif Bissiouni to whitewash the dictator and his sons from any wrong doing has shown signs of serious cracks in its membership. The head of the local committee supervising the investigation, Kamran Chaudry, has resigned for “personal reasons” and left the country. The resignation came after it became clear that Bissiouni has sold out to the dictators and betrayed the trust of some of his victims.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
19th August 2011.