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Presse release by Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights
Bahrain Authorities censorship block website

Bahraini authorities have blocked a website that broadcasts live events on Twitter (http://twitcam.livestream.com/), after signing up on the site, it provides a link that the user can use to broadcast live events on the Internet and the broadcast is viewed on Twitter pages.

29 August 2011

Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights (BYSHR) believes that blocking the site because that the protesters in Bahrain broadcast live events on Twitter, especially the events of repression of the demonstrators demanding political reforms.

Since the protests in Bahrain (14 February), the demonstrators have used social networking websites extensively to call for the protests in the areas and the authorities have arrested many of the users of those social networking websites. The authorities have dismissed many of the students for expressing their political opinion on those sites.

BYSHR expresses its deep concern about blocking popular websites by Bahraini authorities to prevent exposing human rights violations.

Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights (BYSHR)

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