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Syria and Arab affairs
The affiliated Europe and the Arab developments

The events currently unfolding in the Arab countries and the European positions towards them reveal that the Western political and strategic mentality is still governed by a colonial logic which is controlled by the executive priorities and plans drawn up by the Americna Empire. Indeed, the European role seems to be blindly following the decision-making center in Washington, while the American higher policies are renewing their tight commitment to Israel and to hegemony over the Arab oil, i.e. the two pillars of the Western colonial project in the Arab region since the beginning of last century.

9 May 2011

The Israeli factor is the decisive element in the Western and European inclination in particular, at a time when the Americans are sensing the signs of a new conservative right-wing power in the Arab countries: The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. They thus want the Syrian command to engage in dialogue with the latter organization and to allow it to participate in the authority in the hope that it would contain the stringency featured in the Syrian position towards Israel, the files of the Arab-Israeli conflict and especially the resistance movements, in order to facilitate the negotiations which Obama’s administration intends to launch before the pullout from Iraq.

In the meantime, the European governments seem to have lost all credibility at the level of the Syrian issue, considering they are acting as tools in the hands of the Americans while completely disregarding the fact that what is happening in Syria is not a popular revolution, rather scattered demonstrations which are staged by an obvious minority in the ranks of the Syrian people and are led by political movements that are embraced by the West. The most important among the latter is the Muslim Brotherhood group which is used as a cover by the armed Takfiri groups. Consequently, the Syrian authorities that are determined to proceed with reform to serve the Syrian people and achieve Syrian national interest, are engaged in a battle to defend the control of the national centralized state against the project of terrorism and secession, but also against the takifirs who placed their signatures on the corpses of the soldiers and the officers they mutilated after their kidnapping and liquidation.

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Orient Tendencies No 28, 9 May, 2011.