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A New Orient News Editorial
Syria: Sarkozy repeating Chirac’s mistakes.

The transformation in the positions of the French president towards Syria constitutes a clear repetition of the mistakes committed by former French President Jacques Chirac when he turned against Bashar al-Assad on the day that followed the occupation of Baghdad.

16 May 2011

At the time, Chirac went from being a violent oppositionist of the American military invasion and from enjoying a political and strategic partnership with Syria against the so-called American monopolization, to a seeker of a secondary and partial position in the American colonial invasion of the region and to a conspirer against Syria and Lebanon via resolution 1559.

Back then, he considered that the American occupation of Iraq marked the beginning of a balance of powers in the Middle East, in light of which France could no longer maintain an influential position. Therefore the only option was to partner up or become affiliated with the American empire in order to serve it at the expense of the projects of partnership with Syria.

Sarkozy for his part, perceived the American plan as being an opportunity to contain the failure through the direct participation of his forces in NATO’s invasion of Libya, based on calculations similar to those of his predecessor but with the only difference that he immediately rushed to join this American plan, while considering that the Libyan opportunity would compensate for the retreat of the French influence before the American progress from Sudan to the Ivory Coast among many other countries in the Dark Continent. Indeed, the latter countries were cleansed from any French traditional influence and the price which Sarkozy decided to pay to the Americans in advance – i.e. before earning his promised share of the oil and political influence from the Libyan cake - was particularly the participation in targeting and pressuring Syria in order to subdue it.

President Assad decided to launch reforms and is proceeding towards the building of a modern and pluralistic civil state based on Syrian national calculations. However, Sarkozy wants President Al-Assad to succumb to the American and Israeli conditions at the level of the affairs of the region and to stop supporting the resistance movements. In order to do that, he chose to provide a political climate from which the terrorist Takifiri groups in Syria are benefiting. Last Friday, it was proven that when the terrorists were placed in prison, hundreds of demonstrators were able to move throughout the country without any incidents worth mentioning. So did Sarkozy understand the message or is the Zionist influence that is surrounding and motivating him blocking the view, especially since he is seeking the Libyan oil and a lot of Qatari money to fund his upcoming electoral campaign?

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Orient Tendencies No 29, 16 May,2011.