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Obama’s speech of May 19 on his policy in the Middle East commented by New Orient News
Israel is the main reference of US policy in the Middle East

The speech that was delivered by American President Barack Obama about the situation in the Arab region (*) was not a speech about the American withdrawal, as it was promoted by some Arab writers who wanted to give the impression that the priority of the United States was the so-called democratic transformation and that consequently, nothing prompted concerns in Washington in light of the Arab revolutions.

23 May 2011 | - : Middle East Israel United States

Obama was very clear in stressing the United States’ insistence on its hegemony over the region when he spoke about the economic interests, which specifically meant American control over the oil wells and pipelines that constituted for a long time the core of the American strategy. Obama was also clear about reaffirming the American vision which perceives Israel as being the reference at the level of the American policy.

Therefore, he focused in one part of his speech on two principles: The consecration of Israel as a Jewish state – i.e. a state of racial cleansing - and the consecration of the idea of the Palestinian entity that is under joint Israeli-American tutelage, that is without sovereignty, with the elimination of the right of return and with the alleged exchange of lands.

Obama who is eagerly seeking a second presidential term wants to use all possible means to ensure the protection of Israel before engaging in his electoral campaign next fall. Therefore, he is placing all his weight against President Bashar al-Assad because without Syria’s weakening and depletion, it would be difficult to impose a new equation at the level of the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict, or to arrange an exit from Iraq based on the conditions of the United States following its failed adventures in the country.

The right of return following the collapse of the two-state illusion

Israel, which is heading towards the imposition of the Jewish state, has liquidated the two-state idea in the occupied West Bank through the expansion of the settlements that swallowed up most of the West Bank and drowned the city of Jerusalem.

The alleged state for which Obama is calling is rejected on the Israeli level because e a new racial cleansing is the current priority which can only be achieved through the prevention of the establishment of a Palestinian entity and even through the prevention of the expression “Palestinian state.” Although, he tried to give the impression that the US was still holding on to the idea of the two state-solution, Obama was very clear. He thus bluntly threatened the Palestinian authority if it were to choose to head to the United Nations to demand the recognition of the alleged state, but also informed the agents of the West in the Arab region about the American decision to prohibit any attempt to proceed towards that option at any price.

The only choice left for the Palestinians is the choice of resistance to liberate their land and the insistence on the right of return which Israel and the United States wanted to eliminate for being the key foundation for the consecration of the Jewish state on the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 and 1967.

The May 15 uprising which breached Israeli security through the flow of Palestinian crowds on the Lebanese and Syrian borders with the occupied territories, confirmed two main realities which will govern the course of the Palestinian struggle during the next stage.

Firstly: The Palestinian Diaspora is present in the equation, holding on to the right of return to Palestine, is completely willing to make any necessary sacrifices and has broken the barrier of fear.

Secondly: There is no doubt that the new and surprising transformation is the emergence of a new Palestinian awakening which marks the core of a popular resistance under the headline of the right of return. It thus became clear that the youth of the camps are not less determined than the freedom fighters and they consequently rushed with all their strength to defy the occupying forces with their blood and offer martyrs and wounded. They reached the peak of their attacks in the Golan when they arrived to Majdel Shams, embraced their families and saw Palestinian national Hassan Hijazi entering the heart of Palestine before being brought back by the International Red Cross after he had defied the state of the occupation and its security by walking on foot into his stolen country.

This new spirit acquired by the Palestinian youth marks the beginning of a new stage in the history of the popular and armed resistance that will take the defiance until the end.

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Orient Tendencies No 30, 23 May, 2011.