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An article by Sukant Chandan
Why are the Media silent about these Black Brothers being lynched alongside Gaddafi?

Never before has the world witnessed empire and its mercenaries (in the form of the pro-NATO Libyan rebels) perform such a public gruesome crucifixion of a leader of the world anti-imperialist movement.

3 November 2011

The lynching of Gaddafi, whose videos are being paraded throughout the empire media shows us that at this moment of growing war against the Global South the empire is sending us clear message of white supremacy and wars of aggression. Saddam Hussein was afforded better treatment, he was caught, tried in a kangaroo court, executed, his body was then handed to his family for burial in his home town. Gaddafi gets a different treatment, a treatment given the green light by the empire in the form of Hilary Clinton’s advocacy of his murder days before.

Why the different treatment for Gaddafi? Because he is considered the vanguard leader of Africa by people like Nelson Mandela, and Julius Malema? Is it because Gaddafi represents African liberation, a liberation that the west fears more than most and has kept down more than most?

Libya is known as the ’shield of Africa’ due to its fundamental role in the freeing, uniting and the development of a united Africa. It is also well known that Libya has the best living standards in all of Africa for its people, and the infant mortality and life expectancy rivals many ’developed’ nations. Therefore, the message from the empire in the celebration of the lynching of Gaddafi is that any people of the Global South, especially Africans, should expect this if they are to defy, let alone successfully defy them.

The anti-nato Jamihiriya forces in Libya are in the leadership of the world struggle against this new round of attempted recolonisation of Africa, and the pro-NATO rebels are Arab white supremacists who have joined up with nato white supremacists in this attack on Africa and especially darker skinned Libyans and darker-skinned African migrants in Libya.

The war in Libya reflects the Black Liberation struggle of Africa in the forces of the resistance, and for these reasons darker skinned people have fought disproportionally in the resistance, and have been targeted disproportionally by nato and their allies.

In the videos of Gaddafi’s lynching, there are several Black people who are tied to the back of pro-nato rebel pick-up trucks. One of them, the first below, is immediately in the vicinity of Gaddafi being lynched.

The second photo is taken from THIS clip from Al-Jazeera English, which is a piece about the lynching of Gaddafi. This is a screen print, although the camera stays on this scene for 9seconds and then cuts straight to another two people in the back of pro-NATO rebel trucks, including what looks like a very young black man of around 20yrs old with a lighter skinned middle aged Libyan man with an Islamic skull cap on.

The AJE piece makes no comment on this footage, which is unsurprising, as AJE and its Arabic channel have led the racist story of ’African mercenaries’ fighting for Gaddafi (to date no evidence has been provided, admitted by western media and ngos), which has helped facilitate the mass lynching of darker skinned people in Libya, including the complete destruction of the town of 25,000 mostly darker skinned Libyans in Tawergha.

As far as I am aware, I have been the only one who has commented on these images in THIS interview on Russia Today. I would encourage others to raise their voices. A small point, I was mistaken that I thought one of the black brothers was tied to vertical poles, he is actually tied to a mounted heavy artillery gun barrel on the pick-up truck which is at a 45 degree angle. He is clearly terrified and bloodied.

Why arent these images being commented on more in the media and by commentators etc? Has the lynching of black people become so acceptable?

The war against Africa for its recolonisation is on. Empire has its sights clearly on Algeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Somalia, and all of these countries are countries to overthrow, control and dominate, and empire’s plans for them are well under way. (please see previous posts on Sons of Malcolm for reports, analysis and articles about this).

For Africa’s part, Africa needs a leadership like Gaddafi who will fight until the end, shoulder to shoulder, in the land of his foremothers and forefathers in the face of empire aggression.

Unity of the Global South, especially with Brazil, India, Russia and China, as well as developing a military self-defence capability in line with assymetrical warfare and the arming and politicisation of the masses in anti-imperialist liberation ideology, are the other fundamental factors necessary for not only resisting, but achieving gains and victory against empire.

I will be writing a longer article on Gaddafi’s lynching and martyrdom in the coming week.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm blogspot.com, 28 October, 2011.