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Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard about media role in war
NATO commander admits journalists in Libya were NATO informants

Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard: "The media on the ground provided us with a lot of information."

6 November 2011

In a 31 October 2011 interview on Radio Canada, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, who led Operation Unified Protector in Libya, revealed that an analysis unit was set up at NATO headquarters in Naples.

Its mission was to study and decipher what was happening on the ground, that is to say both the movements of the Libyan Army and those of the rebels.

To fortify the unit, several information networks were created. "The intelligence came from many sources, including the media who were on the ground and provided us with a lot of information regarding the intentions and the location of the ground forces."

This is the first time a NATO official admits that foreign journalists in Libya were assets of the Atlantic Alliance.

Shortly before the fall of Tripoli, French journalist Thierry Meyssan caused a stir by affirming that most Western journalists staying at the Hotel Rixos were NATO agents. In particular, he pointed the finger at the teams working for AP, BBC, CNN and Fox News.

mathaba.net , 6 November, 2011.