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An analysis by Wassim Raad
Iraq: The defeat of the American empire

When the United States decided to invade and occupy Iraq, its government firstly adopted this step to impose unilateral hegemony over the world. The planners of this war based it on the intimidation of all the international powers competing with the US, while tearing apart the United Nations’ formula and all its foundations since its establishment, in terms of partnership in the decision-making process and the adoption of choices.

19 December 2011

This was announced by the US government before and after the occupation, while stressing its determination to reshape the Middle East under colonial hegemony and establish a regional reality serving the two purposes of the American project in the region: the protection of Israel and the striking of the two independent states that are harboring the resistance in the region, i.e. Iran and Syria.

The moral collapse and the American strategic failure are confirmed while recollecting that moment and its preludes which were filled with lies, the falsified documents of Colin Powell and the theories of Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz about the necessity of annulling the United Nations and replacing it with a new framework to achieve total American hegemony.

Some American experts said that the war on Iraq achieved its purpose in terms of the money and war spoils reaped by the members of Bush’s administration and the revenues secured by the American oil and war cartels through generous contracts sponsored by former Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld. The war gang supported by the Zionist lobby achieved its purposes at this level. But if we were to take into account all the losses endured by the colonial Western-Zionist alliance since the occupation of Iraq - and especially during the wars on Lebanon and Gaza - one can conclude that the populations of the East, who fought with free will and defended their dignity and independence, afflicted this colonial alliance and especially this American empire with a historical defeat.

The Baker-Hamilton report which was published in the fall of 2006 reached a conclusion summarized by one word: failure. Since then, the American policy has been trying to contain the failure and limit the losses through the strategy of soft power which relies on intelligence wars and sanctions.

In the meantime, the withdrawal of the American occupation from Iraq is the major event drawing up the outline of a new world with the rise of powers competing with the American empire, based on aspirations to instate a multipartite international partnership. This means the defeat of the American national security strategy which was based on the elimination of all competing powers around the world.

At this level, Russia is ready to impose its return as a key player on the international arena while China is mobilizing its war fleets in the oceans and seas, after it used to be described as a land empire. Moreover, the rise of new international powers such as India, the Latin American group and South Africa confirms that the wealth and technology center of the world is moving from the West to the East and South. In this East, the Iranian regional power has become a reality after having ended the controversy surrounding the Iranian nuclear file since the Istanbul negotiations, while Syria is recovering from the crisis by blocking the windows and doors before any foreign intervention.

The American attempt to block the movements of independence and liberation by relying on the Muslim Brotherhood organization to produce ruling elite respecting Israel’s security and the conditions of Western hegemony will not compensate for the defeat and will not topple the equation. A new world will materialize in the first months of 2012 and a new region will make its way towards new political governance revolving around Palestine. This will not be prevented by all the fatwas of the MB leaders in regard to the pledges of the predecessors and the Israeli guest in the Cairo embassy, or by the theories of Borhan Ghalioun and Azmi Bshara about the alleged spring.

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Editor in chief: Wassim Raad
Orient Tendencies No 60, 19 December, 2011.