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An article by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
The drones king: «Dial M for murder»

What is the difference between the ex-president Bush and the today’s US-president Obama? Bush did not get the Nobel Peace Prize for his atrocities! Opposite, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Obama has managed to overtake his predecessor Bush in many things.

26 June 2012

Just now we had to learn this incredible fact: Every deadly Tuesday « this winner of the Nobel Peace Price is sitting together with his advisers in order to update a death list. In the end of each of this «death meetings» they all have agreed, who is no longer worthy to live and for this reason is allowed to be shot.

This murder -/ drone attacks have doubled since the office assumption of Obama after Bush!

Even worse: This winner of the Nobel Peace Prize also kills with «signature-attacks.» Thereby, quasi each person with certain, arbitrary fixed criteria has become fair game. Young and fit for duty or anyway suspect – practically every man and every woman can stumble into this murder machine, and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize does not miss the chance to decide personally about it. This liquidation at «discretion» of the «drones king», the «target killing» with joystick, became to a «Tuesday killing» - a death sentence without any appeal opportunity.

Of course this strategy matches exactly to Israel, which exerts this targeted killing already for a long time without opposition. If also innocent victims and family members must die – who cares? The main thing is that the chosen person is eliminated. In cases of «collateral damages» are investigated – and then unpunished continued to kill. The international community looks at and away, and the time will come, that we pick up this method. Only evil is to suspect, when we exactly listen to the «pastor-clad» (in German original: pastorisiert) Federal President Gauck, for example at his typical speech to the Military academy of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg!

In fact promoted this Federal juggler (in German original: Bundesgauckler) of the nation German military missions and demanded of us, the German «happiness addicted» society, again as well to give optionally our life for Germany. His words and values such like freedom and fairness are sounding overblown from his mouth like in days of yore. »From swords to plowshares« from war rhetoric to drones missions is a very smooth transition. Also in this reason he underlined in his last Israel-journey the strong solidarity with our »Israeli brothers in arms«.

Let us revert to the US-drones king and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the monarch of the death list. Last week his Nobel Peace Prize colleague, the Israeli President Peres, got of him the highest award in USA, the «Medal of Freedom.» It was a unique ceremony of «peace warriors.» Also Henry Kissinger could not be missing, because Peres had awarded him recently with an Israeli version of this medal. So, it was not needed to underline the close connection between the USA and the satellite «Jewish state». There met one another the whole «kosher gang» and celebrated themselves and their common «targets»!

Meanwhile, in the Jewish State are made provisions in order to deport 800 Southern Sudanese. Interior Minister Eli Jischai of the right-wing Schas party is waging a war against these defenceless fugitives in order «to save the Jewish State»! Before this he had accused the 60.000 Sudanese, Eritrean and other African traumatized fugitives to spread dangerous diseases and to rape Israeli women and girls. However, interestingly discovered the aid organization «Hotline for Migrant Workers» that the crime among these immigrants is with 2,5 % clearly lower than in the Israeli population. Despite this fact, this propaganda seems to fall on fertile soil in the racist Jewish State: An increasingly amount of Israeli ascribes all responsibility for all happenings completely to these fugitives. Purport: The Africans are our disaster. « These fugitives are called officially » Mistaninim(intruders)!

Finally, apart from the Palestinians, they have found another cluster of people to blame for many things. A Minister of a former government, Matan Vilnai, had already menaced a «Shoah» to the Palestinians in Gaza. Since its founding 64 years ago, Israel accepted only 157 fugitives as asylum seeker! 2011 only to one person was given this »privilege«. From the history of the Jewish state we can learn, that this nation has nothing learned from his painful history. After the «Nabka», it means the displacement of the Palestinians in 1948, now menaces the «African displacement» of defenceless fugitives. They build backup-prisons in the Negev desert and a tent city in order to deter new fugitives. Furthermore is planned to compartmentalise Israel ultimately with the 240 kilometres long border fence to Egypt in addition to the apartheid wall to the Palestinians! Welcome in the Jewish ghetto!

This includes five years Gaza-blockade and five years furthermore more than 1,6 million people in Gaza under circumstances against international law and the biggest and sole open-air prison world-wide! Who is still great interested in the world for these people? Well, in an Israli inquiry report was accused to Netanjahu «fundamental and decisive mistakes» with the storming of the Mavi Marmara on 31 May 2010. There were killed by the Israeli army «just now» nine peace activists. But also this will not more damage Netanjahu, because his friends of the Springer-press until the German policy will further stick with him. No matter if this are threats against the Iran or fighting against Palestinian »terrorists« or against peace activists – Israel may do everything!

Oh yeah, «our» German «specialists for human rights,» the Green Members of the European Parliament Werner Schulz and Rebecca Harms, were also active again. They visited the condemned oligarch and Ukrainian prime minister «Jeanne D`Arc» Julia Timoshenko in the prison. The Ukrainian foreign minister Konstantin Grischtschenko asserts, the Federal government would have complicity on the gas contract with Russia, because Mrs. Timoshenko has concluded this contract in the beginning of 2009 on the urging of the German government. Has Mrs. Merkel for this reason such a big interest and compassion for Julia Timoshenko? A thrilling variant and question.

Back to the both Green Members of the European Parliament: They had protested for the manumission of political prisoners before the game Germany-Netherlands on the VIP-tribune with posters. This energy I miss for the thousands of Palestinian prisoners, which sit since years in unlawful detention in Israeli prisons, among them also the Palestinian soccer national player Mahmoud Al-Sersec. He is sitting since three years without judgement in illegal «admin detention» and is in protest since 90 days in hunger strike. His physical condition is more alarming. The President of the Palestinian football association, Jibril Rajoub, has requested the UEFA to take sanctions against Israel, so long as Israel keeps Palestinian player in detention without adjudication. But in scandalous way the UEFA has given the host role for the U-21 EM2013 to Israel. A beautiful paragon for the youth, which here is given by the »unique democracy« in the Near East.

Even FIFA-president Joseph Blatter has intervened and is worried about the health of the Palestinian prisoners, which »under apparent defiance of their right to physical integrity and of their human rights are probably illegally kept from Israeli authorities in arrest, and the right for a legal process is denied them, so the FIFA argued. That’s the result of selection and the splitting of the Semites – the «good ones» to the Europeans and the «bad ones» to the Asian! Dear specialist for human rights in the German policy, where are the protests against Israel? Why did Mr. Schulz and Mrs. Harms not lift up posters during the «friendly match» Germany-Israel and protested against the detention of the Palestinian prisoners?

Also the president of the German-Israeli Economic Association, Hildegard Müller, places fully the side of Israel. She as lobbyist of gas and water and as main managing director of the German federal association for energy and water management «designs» the economic relations between Germany and Israel! Hildegard Müller is the former co-worker of Chancellor Merkel in the Chancellor’s Office and her confidant. In addition she was from 2005 till 2008 Minister of State and representative for the Federal states coordination. 2005 she made the headlines when via Spiegel transpired, that the Dresdner Bank had generously financed her political rise! Mrs. Müller raved in an interview in the Jewish common weekly newspaper of 14 June 2012 about the most successful economic relations 2011 between this two nations since making contact.

We should imagine this: more than 6.000 Israeli and German companies have business contacts with a trade volume of 5,3 Milliard Euro! Two thirds of these are German exports to Israel! Mrs. Müller is also a smooth talker about the U-boat-deal: «The Israeli have right to be surprised about the biased awareness in Germany. After all, Jerusalem feels not existentially threatened because of a paranoia by Teheran, but because the Iranian regime speaks explicit in this way again and again. If the threatening situation would not be so, Israel would not need these U-boats. Cause and effect are here not to confound». End of quote! With these statements of Mrs. Müller we have a clear distortion of the facts of cause and effect. However, how right had Günter Grass with his poem!!!

These facts show the necessity of BDS-measures against Israel. These are the only means we have in order to touch the nerve of the Jewish state Israel, as long as it continues practising this policy contrary to the human rights and contrary to international law.

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
Online-Flyer Nr. 359 vom 20.06.2012

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski is publicist and the daughter of the chairman of the German Jewish Central Council Heinz Galinski (deceased 1992). Our readers know her as authoress of the serial, she writes «from Hochblauer» (in German original: Vom Hochblauen), her «local mountain» in Baden. An open letter of the engaged publicist addressed to Mr. Gauck to his Israel-visit (as above mentioned) the NRhZ has put on the net just now, and many websites have adopted it. His reaction to this, our readers will find out.