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An article by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
Fascist Jews in France to stop!

What more has to happen, that the fascist Jews in France, acting under the name LDJ (»Jewish Defence League«), are finally be stopped? This group has French and Israeli passports, by which they have the possibility, anytime to travel to Israel and to stay there, if necessary. This all happens under the protection of the CRIF (»Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France«), comparable with the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

16 July 2012

A few of these fascists were more often arrested after attacks against bookstores, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions etc. They were even brought to justice. But always they got only suspended sentences. None one of them ever went to jail! When they finally got once fines, the »Association of Jewish businessmen in France« made a public appeal to collect money in order to pay their debts. So, France is the only one nation, where on the one hand activists for BDS-campaigns against Israel are brought to justice and be convicted for nonviolent actions, while on the other hand violent and racist groups like LDJ can further act unimpeded and unhindered under the eyes of the State. Are these the excesses of the good relationships between France and Israel? Is this the Christian-Jewish alliance against Israel-critics and Muslims? Here are the French politicians of all parties called in to take action against this group under the protection of the CRIF and of Israel.

To date, no politician, no matter if bourgeois or socialist, undertook somewhat against this groups. Now is required the new socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls to forbid these dangerous groups and to bring them to justice. Where are the »war philosophers« like Bernard Henry Levy, Alain Finkelkraut and others, the »whisperer« of the French president, who are always on hand in cases of a military intervention in other countries? Where is the European Parliament? And nobody reported of this until now in the media. Guess why?

These following summarized facts reached me via E-Mail: The fascist Jews of the Kahane movement »Jewish Defence League« (LDJ) have attacked Olivia Zemor – highly valued by me - partly because of her new initiative »Welcome to Palestine«. This initiative takes place this summer from 24 to 31 August and will go over Jordan. Olivia was attacked by several men and doused with red oil on head and body. This happened on 28 June while a visit on the terrace in a café nearby the Bastille. She was immediately brought into a hospital, because this coloured oil could also contain toxic substances.

The police took this incident very seriously. The LDJ has published this feat on the internet and confirmed it on its website. A lawsuit was accepted. The police do its job. They know almost all from this fascist group, which continually attack and injure and terrify Arabs and »Jewish traitors«. And such things happen again and again in France. But the French government does not engage and prevent it.

Some time ago, the bookstore of Olivia, the »Librairie Résistance à Paris«, was ravaged. Also in the time of the Nazis burned first the books and then the humans. Yesterday, on 6 July, the French author Jacob Cohen was attacked by the LCD the second time, like also happened on 12 March this year. Also now, like at the first attack, they filmed their attack and it with sneering comments in the Internet. This happened just after the publication of his novel about the machinations of the Mossad. In that time of March even could be identified three of these attackers, but nothing happened them! Alarmingly, the »protective« hand is hold over the Syanim, the helpers of Israel all over the world.

I have big anxiety with the thought, that the »Diaspora brigades« can accomplish their deeds and misdeeds more and more obvious and more uninhibited. At the moment, France is the only country in the world, where this group exists unhindered, has an own website, practices military education on public places and can openly recruit »volunteers with military experience«. This LDJ-group has already injured many innocent people. Even a police officer was kicked in the stomach and had to spend after this attack three weeks in intensive care, because he had tried to prevent such attacks. A student nearly lost his sight after such an attack.

This information has to become public! I handed it today immediately to the by me highly valued Prof. Alfred Grosser, and he want to give it to the French media. I gave this information to the attention of several German newspapers. Let us see what will become of it.

It is really the time for official Jewish organisations and for Israel itself to distance from this terrorist group and their misdeeds instead to affirm it directly or indirectly. Let us remember the outrage when Jewish children died in Toulouse after an attack. This was surely a terrible incident, also and especially, because children had to die. But who cares about the Palestinian children being killed nearly daily by Israel? Who cares about the children in Gaza or the children in Israeli prisons, who there even are tortured? What a big wailing would be, when »CRIF-Jews« would be attacked by »Islamists«? Whole French armies would be set in motion; the republic would be in turmoil.

We are all called! These fascist racist groups should no longer be allowed. A CRIF or Central Council, a Jewish State should be held liable for these groups and their deeds, as long as they keep silent, as long as they are sponsoring them (?) and are tolerating them rather than at least to distance itself from them.

We (my husband and me) demonstrated our solidarity to Olivia. We succored her as girlfriend and as president of the European-Palestinian Association in France by our coming at her BDS-process in Bobigny near Paris and in Mulhouse in court. Now I desire to show my solidarity to her and to all brave activists in France by the publication of this article: Nip it in the bud! Stop the JDL, the Sayanim and the Diaspora-brigades, wherever we meet them!

By the way: Today evening at 17:30 was in Paris in the bookstore »Librairie Résistance« the book launch of the new novel of Jacob Cohen »Dieu ne repassera pas a Bethlehem« (God does not want go back to Betlehem«). I am very sorry, that I cannot be there. (PK)

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
8 July 2012

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski is publicist and the daughter of the chairman of the German Jewish Central Council Heinz Galinski (deceased 1992). Our readers know her as authoress of the serial, she writes »from Hochblauer«

In German original: »Vom Hochblauen«, her »local mountain« in Baden.

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- Faschistische Juden in Frankreich stoppen!