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Another media fabrication of the "Free Syrian Army"
Qusai Al Yousuf - 2nd Alive Martyr after Zainab Al Hosni

The "Free Syan Army" kidnapped a university student Qusai Al Yousuf, beat him, torture him, fake his ’martyrdom’ with a horrific narrative and with video, then turn him into a symbol, then a hero then milk ’sympathizers’ abroad for money in his name.

19 August 2012

August, 19, 2012.

This fake story reminds us of the fail fabrication of Zainab Al Hosni, how she was arrested, tortured, burnt, body butchered by Syrian security then handed over to her family whom buried her and she turned into the Syrian ’Revolution’ symbol in Homs to appear later alive and kicking their ’butts’ on Syrian State TV stating that she ran away from her brother’s beating to a relative’s house and decided to go to the police when she saw herself becoming a symbol of a fake revolution.