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Human rights investigations
Suzanne Nossel resigns as Amnesty International USA Executive Director

Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, has tendered her resignation and steps down on January 11th. Amnesty are looking to appoint a new Executive Director.

9 January 2013

Regular readers will be aware that HRI has written about and campaigned for Nossel’s dismissal. In our opinion and that of many Amnesty members her advocacy of war to cement the US’ position of dominance worldwide made her completely unsuitable for the role.

We wish Suzanne Nossel all the best in her future career and hope she will find a position advocating human rights in a non-violent way, respecting the human rights of the Palestinians and, perhaps, with a more critical attitude towards US foreign policy.

We are also hopeful the Amnesty USA Board will make a better choice this time around and appoint as Executive Director a person who can help Amnesty to come to terms with their failures over Libya, including failing to take timely action to defend the Tawergha, migrant workers and dark-skinned people from racist atrocities and ethnic cleansing and to defend the people of Sirte from NATO bombing.

The new Executive Director should also be committed to ensuring that, in the future, Amnesty resists those forces who seek to use the organisation as a propaganda vehicle for western military intervention.

Human rights investigations
January 9, 2013.