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An article by Daniel Mabsout
BDS, and Others / Eliminating The Consequences of The Victory of The Resistance In Lebanon

All what these BDS movement and Electronic Intifada and all the NGOs working in West Bank and foreign countries care about is preventing the World Solidarity Movement from connecting with the armed Resistance against Israel as personified by Hizbullah of Lebanon and- behind it- the Islamic Republic of Iran.

20 February 2013

Because now- with the latest development of the last years – the Resistance to Israel or the effective armed Resistance against Israel, has shifted from Palestinian hands to Lebanese hands, in the hands of the heroic freedom fighters of the Lebanese Resistance who evicted the Israeli s from South Lebanon after 18 years of Israeli occupation after which the country became free and the villagers returned to their villages and resumed their lives and activities .

The Lebanese Resistance worked in coordination with Syria and Iran who provided it with weapons , equipment and unconditional support . The Lebanese Resistance of Hizbullah achieved thus the first military victory ever achieved over Israel and- for the first time in Arab history – the Israelis were forced to evacuate occupied Arab land and leave the Lebanese soil without condition and without shameful peace agreements or recognition or normalization with the usurping Israeli state .

This was the greatest Arab victory in year 2000 followed by another victory in year 2006 when the victorious Lebanese Resistance succeeded in defeating Israel and its allies in the war that lasted 33 days after which the Israelis where chased again out of Lebanon without any condition shamefully defeated , fleeing the battlefield and leaving their tanks burning behind them and their equipment all over the place . This Resistance of few determined men led by the most committed leadership succeeded not only in defeating Israel , but succeeded in defeating the allies of Israel and the world order itself on behalf of which Israel was acting .

The sole worry of the World Order- after this shameful defeat that witnessed the fall of the so- called mightiest army in the region and exposed the state of Israel Itself – became first : to isolate this victorious Resistance from its natural Arab and Muslim environment – and to isolate it- next- from the World and International Solidarity Movements against Israel .

As far as Arabs and Muslims are concerned, the World Order -using the fact that this honorable Lebanese Resistance belonged to one sect of Islam – worked on setting one Muslim sect against the other introducing thus the scheme of division and conflict between brothers and launching the war on Syria from the same sectarian stand .This sectarian alignment was supposed to take care of the unity desired to achieve the rallying of Arab and Muslim masses around the victorious armed Resistance to Israel .

Regarding the Solidarity movement against Israel , the World Order created multiple pro Palestinian so called NGOs – among them BDS and EI and so many others that are linked internationally and linked also- in some cases – directly – to the state of Israel. The International Solidarity Movement will be thus prevented from connecting to the actual effective Resistance on the ground- that has achieved real success – and provide it with due help and support, and will be connected – instead- to fictitious groups on the ground financed by and working for the World Order and who promote fictitious goals and fictitious theories about Israel being an Apartheid that needed anti Apartheid policies .

Most of this international activity around Palestine has for goal to isolate and shun the victorious armed Resistance against Israel and not to promote the Palestinian cause as it pretends . It works rather on giving the usurping state the legal status of Apartheid State consecrating thus its legal existence on Palestinian land while pretending to work on its so called segregationist policies.

by Daniel Mabsout
February 19th, 2013