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Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden and 1 billion cell phone calls per day

Glenn Greenwald has, especially over recent weeks, been shaking the national security state to its foundations. It is due to his work the US army has blocked access to Guardian website to preserve ‘network hygiene’

30 June 2013

In the video below Greenwald explains Edward Snowden’s personal sacrifice for a better world, in revealing the United States and UK government and security services’ criminal scheme to destroy personal privacy and undermine democracy.

Greenwald reveals in this interview, for the first time, that the NSA has developed a globalised surveillance system which, with brand new technology, is capable of redirecting into its depository 1 billion cell phone calls every day.

As Greenwald explains, these revelations are throwing as much light on the corrupt nature of the US media and political system as on the NSA.

As Greenwald further makes clear, courage is contagious and it is up to all of us (and particularly human rights defenders) to defend Snowden, hold him up as an example and speak up against the imposition of a Orwellian state.

By Mark Human rights investigations
June 29, 2013

Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out

(full transcript here)



I’m a big fan of Glenn Greenwald. He’s very intelligent, he’s a lawyer, and he writes clearly and incisively. I do realise that it’s Snowden who has taken the biggest risk, but Glenn is at risk by association. And “they” have already tried to smear him.
They don’t even try to deal with the substance of what he says or what he writes, just try to find some “dirt” on him. I only wish the general public would see these tactics for what they are — instead of going off on tangents, like the ‘powers that be’ want them to. The story is not what kind of person Snowden is, or what kind of person Glenn is. The story is what Snowden exposed. The 1984 world that half the population sleepwalked into, and the other half didn’t care enough about. The hypocrisy of the USA government (under either ‘wing’ of their politics) is almost beyond belief.
And I’m not an American and I REFUSE to live under their jurisdiction!