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Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
Why Serbia should not join NATO

In the view of certain statements published recently that Serbia`s representatives may in recent future submit application for membership in NATO, the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, not withstanding possibility that such statements aim at testing Serbian public opinion, considers it necessary to draw the attention to certain facts.

19 July 2013

NATO is military conquering alliance; Serbia is a peace loving country.

NATO attempts to put under its control sources of energy, minerals and other natural wealth, to control geopolitically important territories and communications, to impose might above the right lead to global conflict with unpredictable consequences. Such strategy should be condemned and not condoned.

NATO ignores the fact that the era of the concept of uni-pollar world relations belongs to the past and that the process of multilateralization and democratization of international relations cannot be stopped.

NATO conquering strategy represents source of serious threats to peace and security in Europe and the world.

During aggression on Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) 15 years ago, NATO destroyed Serbia, caused the death of about 4.000 persons, wounding about 10.000, mainly civilians, poisoned soil, water and air by missiles with depleted uranium. How many citizens had died in the meantime and how many of them will die as a result of the NATO use of depleted uranium, will hardly be established.

Serbia`s adherence to NATO would mean amnestying the leadership of the Alliance of its responsibility for the war crimes and economic damage, as well as unforgivable sin towards human victims.
Such a step would certainly jeopardize strategic relations with Russia being Serbia`s traditional friend, supporter and closest ally in two world wars. Maintaining strategic cooperation and mutual trust with Russia is of paramount importance for survival of Serbia as sovereign independent and prosperous state.

NATO aggression, called “humanitarian intervention”, its continuation up to these days by other means, occupation of the Serbia`s state territory in order to establish a mafia state called “Republic of Kosova”, as well as repetition of the aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Syria and other countries – illustrate profound human, moral, political and economic crises of western civilization.

Elites of the leading western states came to the point that they see no other solutions for maintaining its privileged position and prosperity but to conquer and occupy other countries wealth by military force of NATO. The majority of the world community, however, is not ready to surrender but to defend freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Under the guise of the defender of, human rights, security of civilians, democratic values, in general, NATO has been violating basic principles of international law, imposing regime changes by force and provoking deaths and misery of civilians, only to serve the greedy interests of corporate capital of leading powers. Thus, NATO has become key factor of spreading militarism and totalitarian ideology.

EU has adopted NATO strategy and plans of expansion toward East, including installing of new so called anti-rocket bases towards Russia, as a common strategy.

Serbia`s foreign debt is extremely high; joining NATO would require buying new military hardware, therefore to further rise of the foreign debt and financial enslavements.

NATO interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere have left deaths of civilians, refugees, divisions, civilian conflicts. The public is against Serbia`s involvements in such policy and operations; Serbia`s soldiers should not by dying for the alien greedy interests.

The public demands full respect of the will of 75% of Serbia`s citizens who are against membership in NATO. Reinforcing present official status of militarily neutrality is in the best interest of Serbia.

Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
Belgrade, July 2013.

Source: Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals