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About the so-called "Peace process"
Netanyahu: "How I broke the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians"

"Mr. Abbas agreed to go back to public negotiations with a pathological liar (Netanyahu, see video below). Private negotiations have been ongoing behind the scenes."

21 July 2013

"Public and private negotiations for the past 20 years produced nothing tangible except increasing the number of colonial Jewish settlers in the West Bank from 200,000 in 1992 to 650,000 today and subcontracting Israeli security to Palestinian security officials. Israel will release some prisoners (and replace them with others) and the US will give more money to corrupt officials on all sides. The question is whether the only two choices available to us are sitting around not doing anything or going to fruitless unbalanced negotiations intended to liquidate Palestinian rights? Do we really give up on resistance, on democratizing the PLO or on freedom or on human rights?"

"So that we are reminded who we are dealing with: Netanyahu, caught of-camera speaking his mind (not hasbara) about how he scuttled peace etc" [Mazin Qumsiyeh]

Source: Mazin Qumsiyeh