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Gilad Atzmon: Obama ‘confused’ about possible attack on Syria

US President Barack Obama “doesn’t really want to attack Syria” and he is “very confused” because his administration has to operate at the behest of “certain lobbies,” says Gilad Atzmon, a political activist.

30 August 2013

Obama has said Washington has “concluded” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in an attack near the capital, Damascus, last week and the government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to face “international consequences.”

Meanwhile, the US has sent its fifth destroyer to the eastern Mediterranean. The cruise-missile equipped destroyer will join four other warships of the same kind in the region.

Nevertheless, Atzmon says Obama, whom he describes as “not necessarily ethical but definitely a thinking human being,” does not “really want to attack Syria.”

“It is very clear to me that they [US officials] operate because they have to appeal certain lobbies that are pressuring the American administration,” said Atzmon in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

“I’m referring here obviously to the Jewish lobby in America, Jewish lobby in Britain, and Jewish lobby in France,” as well as lobbies “that are operating for Qatar and the Saudis.”

“We have a serious problem in the West within Western democratic discourse because our democratically elected politicians are not looking after our interests. They are subject to relentless pressure of foreign countries and this is what I detect in Obama’s confusion,” Atzmon added.

The Syrian government has categorically rejected allegations by the US and its allies that it had a role in the chemical attack near Damascus last week.

Moreover, a United Nations inspector team, which is in Syria at the invitation of Damascus, has not yet released its findings about last week’s chemical weapons attack.

On Thursday, the Syrian President said Damascus would defend itself against any aggression and threats would only increase Syria’s “commitment to its principles and its independence.”

Press TV , August 30, 2013.