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A survivor of Adraa tells his nights of terror with al-Nusra Front

Mazhar Ibraheem, a Syrian doctor, has escaped from death, when armed groups of al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have raided Adraa al-Omalia city of Damascus suburbs, committing massacres against the residents of the city.

18 December 2013

Dr. Ibraheem, who is originally from Tartous countryside, told Breaking News Network what he witnessed when some militants have infiltrated the city, where he lived for several years.

“Since the earlier hours of that day, I heard crackle of gunfire in front of my house that is in front of a bakery , then I realized that it was fire exchange between the militants and the bakery guards «the heroes»….. Hours were difficult… I escaped with my wife and my daughter Kristin to a nearby shelter, where dozens of the residents were hiding.”

Ibraheem continued saying to Breaking News Network reporter to Tartous, “Then the armed men have infiltrated the shelter and started torturing, killing and investigating about « who supports the “regime” and who works with the government».”

“The radicalized militants have intended to cut off the hands of the government’s worker In order to prevent the resumption of their work and to behead some of them and to torture the bodies in front of the children eyes,” Ibraheem said.

He added “After three days of «horror» in the shelter, the doctor could escape with his family and other families to the international road, where Syrian Army is located."

The doctor also described the horrific scenes that he with his family saw of decomposed, tortured and beheaded bodies, which were thrown all over the streets.

The wife said that “the armed men were non-Syrians, we lived terrible days, before we could escape with only the clothes that we wore. The Syrian Army secured us and helped us to reach a safe area.”
The family are now hosted by the governer of Tartous province.

16 December ,2013