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"We stand with Israel against Iran," recognizes Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz

Walid Ben Talal Ben - Saudi Prince Al Abdel Azizgrand-son of King Ibn Saud, founder of Saudi Arabia.stated that "Saudi Arabia, the Arabs and Sunni Muslims approve an Israeli attack against Iran to destroy its nuclear program," adding that "the Sunnis support such an attack because they are hostile to Shiites and Iran ".

10 February 2014

Prince Walid bin Talal, vile traitor or simply abject imbecile ?

In an interview with the TV channel U.S. economic Bloomberg, Prince Al - Walid, business man and billionaire, said that "Saudi Arabia, the Arabs and Sunni Muslims do not say this publicly, but they support express in secret meetings, "insisting that" the Arabs believe that the danger they face comes from Iran, not Israel. "

"Obama, a puppet"

Saudi Prince launched harsh criticism against President Barak Obama , he called "puppet in the hands of Iran to such an extent that shamed the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

According to the American journalist who collected the interview, Jeffrey Goldberg, Prince Al - Walid reportedly said: "We and the Israelis are concerned this issue and are not worried. The leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia worry that Obama is becoming more the party of Iran.

The U.S. president will need a few weeks to allow Tehran to produce the atomic bomb . Iran will take advantage of its negotiations with the major powers for a partial lifting of sanctions without it agrees to halt its nuclear program. "

Al - Walid Ben Talal said that Barak Obama faces "a serious political problem and needs a victory to any redress his presidency. We need pressure on him continues. "

Prince mocked the phone call took place between Obama and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, saying that "it is not worth anything."

On Syria, Al - Walid Ben Talal said: "You think there is more chemical weapons in Syria? Whoever has made the first time can make even. " He also advised Israel to facilitate the peace process with the Palestinians "because it will help us to isolate Iran and weaken Hezbollah."

Al Akhbar in Mediarama
January 30, 2014