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By Stefan Karganovic
Color revolution unleashed in Bosnia

Considering growing interest about riots in Bosnia, here is the view of the events by Mr. Stefan Karganovic, who is believed to have good insight information.[ZJ]

13 February 2014

The color revolution that was expected for over a year in Bosnia has finally started. But the fundamental point that needs to be stressed is that, contrary to what many analysts expected, this is not going to be a “regime change” in the Republic of Srpska only. It is shaping up as a country-wide putsch that will include both the Muslim-Croat Federation and the Republic of Srpska.

That is a very important point because it suggests that Western intelligence services and their governments, of course, wish to have a clean slate in the entire country. The plan is to use mounting social dissatisfaction, for which there are plenty of genuine reasons, in order to provoke general chaos. That chaos, and the illusion of a better life that Western media and propaganda agencies will generate in the minds of the public, will be then used to install a new team of puppets not just at the entity, but at the central level as well.

The basic goal remains to get rid of President Milorad Dodik and his independent policies in the Republic of Srpska, and to bring to power in Banja Luka a team of collaborationists who will facilitate the absorption of the Serbian autonomy into a centralised Bosnian state. The further goals are to bring Bosnia as a whole into NATO and to integrate it completely within Western Euro-Atlantic structures. Under the current constitution that cannot be done without the consent of a compliant government in the Republic of Srpska. What is now a protectorate, with some measure of local autonomy here and there, in the end is therefore to be transformed into a completely subservient Western colony.

The protestors in Bosnia, like those in Kiev, are motivated by the illusion that, once they “throw the rascals out”, their actions will result in a vaguely conceived and tantalisingly undefined “better life”. However, that will never happen if it is left to Western installed puppets to do the job. As we saw in the Ukraine, only Russia right now can step up to the plate and make a large enough economic contribution capable of improving their lives. The EU has made it clear that they do not have the wherewithal to contribute to the reconstruction of the Ukraine, although they of course do have the small change sufficient to buy the services of the rioters. What applies to the Ukraine applies also to Bosnia and the Republic of Srpska.

The current upheaval, which began two days ago in the Muslim-Croat Federation town of Tuzla, and spread from there to Sarajevo and other urban centres in the Federation, has been marked from the start by the use of extreme violence on the side of the protesters. Since the “regime change” operation generally is being orchestrated following closely Gene Sharp’s scenario of “non-violent resistance” it may strike as a bit odd that in Bosnia the non-violent phase was unceremoniously skipped. In the initial stage, the usual pattern of “provocation – escalation” in fact calls for goading the authorities to assault the peaceful demonstrators so that they could be portrayed as innocent victims. But in this case Western orchestrators may be in a hurry to quickly finish the job in both targeted countries, the Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They may have decided to accelerate the process of installing their puppets while the illusion of a “better life” can still be plausibly nurtured and before the disappointing news of the West’s own deep economic crisis reaches the teeming masses of the East.

The way the uprising is being managed is succinctly portrayed by this picture[1] published on one of the websites of the opposition network:

This suggestive image shows at least three things. First, the aggressive level of street violence practiced by the demonstrators, including the use of burning tires. Second, the old, familiar “Otpor” symbol of the clenched fist, which has characterised similar operations ever since the first successful color revolution under Western auspices in Belgrade in October of 2000, a dead giveaway of the inspiration behind the current events. Finally, the somewhat incongruous English text on what is supposed to be a Bosnian poster, a clear lapsus lingue which undoubtedly in due course must be corrected because it accurately suggests who is behind the entire charade.

Furthermore, all the classical and telltale signs of a Gene Sharp operation are present. The regime change infrastructure that Western specialists have been carefully putting together in Bosnia for the last two years has been given the signal to surface. What we witness now is a very well coordinated network in the Federation and the Republic of Srpska cooperating to achieve identical goals and using all the standard modern technological devices to that end. The demagoguery is suitably vague and focuses on nebulous objectives, such as “respect for rights” and “decent future,” that undoubtedly enjoy mass support in Bosnia just as “end to nuclear radiation” would probably be a popular slogan in Fukushima. Oddly, no specific policies to achieve these high-minded goals are being offered. Right out of Sharp’s playbook, however, demonstrators are appealing to policemen to join them. The anonymous organizers of the Tuzla riots refer to themselves by the acronym “UDAR,” clearly evoking the name of Vitali Klichko’s political organization in the Ukraine.

The authorities in both Bosnian entities are plainly unprepared for what is in store for them. In the Federation, Muslim politicians foolishly mistook the West’s tactical support for an immutable guarantee, just as Egyptian president Mubarak did for years before them, while in the United States activists of the "April 6 Movement" were being trained to overthrow him. In the Republic of Srpska, not only has the ruling coalition failed to make a timely assessment of the situation and to plan effective counter-measures, but the opposition as well may have miscalculated. They may wake up to realise that they also were manipulated by Western mentors for the sole purpose of undermining President Dodik but that an entirely different set of Western-trained protégés – not they – is slated to be installed.

Stefan Karganovic
February 12, 2014

[1] https://www.facebook.com/50.000.Za.Bolje.Sutra