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The Peace Association of Turkey
Turkey will be emancipated from the war gang

The tape recording that was released today is a clear proof that Turkey has fallen into the hands of a crime network. Putting heads together; Foreign Minister, Undersecretary of MIT (National Intelligence Organization of Turkey) and senior bureaucrats from both military and civil wings of the State, are working as a gang, who are ready to commit every kind of crime in a neighboring country, namely in Syria.

The Peace Association of Turkey has claimed since the beginning of the first clashes occurred in Syria that what happened has been a provocation directed by imperialism and that the Government of AKP played the leading role in this scenario. We have expressed solidarity with the Syrian People and declared that the power of Damascus Government is legitimate. We pointed out that the road the AKP has chosen created a danger of Al Qaeda in Turkey. As the Peace of Association, we brought forward in the first place the thesis that the Turkish authorities should be tried as war criminals, and we have documented and published these crimes through an international comprehensive Report…
Finally, those, who were skeptical about the approach of the peace-loving people, might have seen that our claims are more than true, and that we have completely been justified.

The war gang of the AKP is just a disgrace to Turkey. This embarrassment could only be cleaned up by a fair judgment and punishment. Punishment of criminals will be accompanied with fraternal solidarity that our people will reestablish among all of its neighbors.

The illegitimate position of Turkish Government once again comes to the surface through these tape recordings that came into view today. The AKP government should immediately resign!

Orders of this Government have no legitimacy. In case the Government takes warmongering resolutions in panic, any ranks of the Turkish Armed Forces should disobey those instructions and should not be a further part of this crime.

And the media organs acting like active collaborators should watch their steps.

Because, warmongering policies of Ankara have come to the dead end.

The Peace Association of Turkey

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War crfimes committed against the people of Syria

Source: The Peace Association of Turkey