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Aleppo is without drinking water for the 10th consecutive day
The valves are in the hands of terrorists, who want to make people suffer

I am in Latakia. Private people, businessmen, wealthy, etc. and Syrian youth groups, which must have gotten donations, have sent thousands of bottles of water today to Aleppo, from here on the coast.

13 May 2014 | - : Syria Terrorism

The water arrived and was distributed in an unorganized way, it was not dropped at one place, but they drove around to areas and tried to determine who was the poorest and the most in need.

This is of course not going to help in the long run, but just for today.

The CITY water valves were turned on for a couple of hours today, but not to all neighborhoods, just selective ones, and the pressure was very weak, but in fact some people got water in their homes.

My unproven, personal theory: the terrorists who are in control of the values did receive some order, made under pressure, to turn on the values, and it was a political decision based on their ‘image’ to the western world, who is paying the way.

However, the overall situation remains the same. The valves are in the hands of terrorists, who want to make people suffer, and maybe they think they can work out a deal with the other side for something they want.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights called it a “CRIME”, and he is usually their supporter, so things are really bad.

The UN is fully aware, and were calling it a humanitarian disaster in the making last week. It is just going to get worse.

The gov’t here is working on it, but I have not heard any public statements about when, where, how, etc. I will relay that on to you.

The situation is really bad.

Best regards,

Lilly Martin - May 13, 2014

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