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The scandal of the United Nations’ black lists
Youssef Nada’s name removed from the UN Security Council’s blacklist

Youssef Nada, wrongly accused of “terrorism”, was held hostage for eight years by the government of Switzerland due to being blacklisted by the UN Security Council. The engineer left no legal stone unturned to seek redress from allegations that he had funded Osama bin Laden or any other terrorist organization. The United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee reversed its initial ruling on September 23, 2009: Mr Nada’s name and the name of his businesses have at long last been taken off the list of 400 persons and entities suspected of connections with terrorism. Despite this important victory restoring his honor and putting an end to his humiliations, his fight against the cabal whose accusations weighed heavily against him is far from over.

26 September 2009 | - : Post 9/11

Youssef Nada at his home, 24 September 2009 (Photo: Carlo Silini)

Mr Nada has been subjected to lie upon lie since 1997. We have never subscribed to them. [1].

What will the journalists at Le Temps, the Swiss French-speaking television and the Corriere della Sera who, among others [2], blackened this man’s name as well as that of his family, his colleagues, and his friends say now ?

All the untruths circulated around Mr Nada these past years were aimed at discrediting Muslims in general, and the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Mr Nada is a prominent member, in particular. This campaign to cast all Arabs and Muslims as demons was begun by the Israeli secret service in the 1990’s. Certain intelligence agencies in countries in the Western block, such as France’s foreign intelligence agency (the DGSE), followed suit.

It is only decent to ask that Mr Nada and his family receive full excuses from all the media sources responsible for his former blackballing. The journalists involved need to publicly express their sincere regrets for the useless and innumerable sufferings caused by their reporting to Mr Nada and his family.

Silvia Cattori

Original article in French (24.09.2009):

[1See: “The Incredible story of Youssef Nada”, by Silvia Cattori, silviacattori.net, 17 June 2008.