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An article by Richard Falk
The Palestinians are winning the legitimacy war: will it matter?
5 April 2010 | Richard Falk argues that a Palestinian victory in the legitimacy war with Israel would not necessarily produce the desired political results and that it is vital that the Palestinians exercise "patience, resolve, leadership and vision, as well as sufficient pressure" if they are to win their just rights.

An article by Samah Sabawi
Is the Palestinian Authority Guilty of Undermining the “Boycott Disvestment and Sanctions” Campaign?
10 March 2010 | In 2008 Netanyahu announced during his election campaign that he plans to ’weave an economic peace alongside the political process which will give a stake in peace for the moderate elements in the Palestinian society’ (*). Since its election, the Netanyahu government has made “economic peace” central to its policies in the West Bank . This is not a coincidence.

An article by Ramzy Baroud
Alternative Reading of the Al-Mabhouh Murder
10 March 2010 | The killing of Palestinian activist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on January 19, 2010 was clearly a well-planned, violent and sadistic act, committed by Israeli assassins in the supposed safety of a sovereign country.

Interview with Jonathan Cook
The Decline of Israel and the Prospects for Peace
10 March 2010 | In a wide-ranging interview with the New Left Project, Nazareth-based journalist Jonathan Cook describes the increasingly repressive nature of Israeli society and the prospects for a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

An article by Khalid Amayreh
Fabricating history
25 February 2010 | Israel’s attempts to establish historical grounds for its existence include stealing, destroying and substituting Islamic heritage, reports Khalid Amayreh in Hebron.

An article by James Petras
Mossad’s Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues
22 February 2010 | The recent assassination of Hamas top military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is consistent with Israel’s traditional policy of extrajudicial killings targeting Palestinian resistance fighters abroad. It raises the fundamental issue of violating the sovereignty of other countries, overriding their laws. Moreover, Israel’s cynical use of dual citizens to achieve its murderous goals, as in this case, also raises the question of allegiance and the extent to which second passport-issuing countries are willing to look the other way to guarantee Israel’s impunity.

An article by Palestine News Network
Newborn in Gaza with severe defects
28 January 2010 | Health professionals have observed a raise of mutations at birth in Gaza, since the Israeli offensive last year. One of these, is a story of a child born at the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

An article by Joseph Massad
How surrendering Palestinian rights became the language of "peace"
27 January 2010 | The 1993 Oslo agreement did not only usher in a new era of Palestinian-Israeli relations but has had a much more lasting effect in transforming the very language through which these relations have been governed internationally and the way the Palestinian leadership viewed them.

An article by John Pilger
For Israel, a reckoning
14 January 2010 | In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the growing boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. Based on the anti-apartheid campaign that helped bring down the racist regime in South Africa, BDS is becoming a catch-cry for freedom in countries whose governments continue to ignore the Palestinians’ struggle against another form of apartheid and which Nelson Mandela has described as "the greatest moral issue of our time".

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel
Audio: Challenging Noam Chomsky’s opposition to boycotting Israel (Ali Abunimah & Jeff Blankfort)
14 January 2010 | .

A new call by Richard Falk
UN expert repeats call for threat of sanctions against Israel over Gaza blockade
29 December 2009 | The United Nations independent expert on Palestinian rights has again called for a threat of economic sanctions against Israel to force it to lift its blockade of Gaza, which is preventing the return to a normal life for 1.5 million residents after the devastating Israeli offensive a year ago.

A Study done by Professors Mario Barbieri, Maurizio Barbieri and Paola Manduca
The potentially widespread contamination of the soil of Gaza due to Israeli bombing
17 December 2009 | Summary of the press release, in a press conference held jointly with Al Shifa doctors and Health Ministry representatives.

An important Call by Christian Palestinians
“A moment of truth: A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering”
11 December 2009 | .

Interview with Sattar Kassem by Marcy Newman
Interview with Palestinian Authority dissident: "I cannot just stay silent"
27 November 2009 | Abdel Sattar Qassem, a professor and author of numerous publications on Palestinian history and Islamic thought, is well-known for his pungent critiques of Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). As a result he has been imprisoned by both the Israelis and the PA. Most recently his car was blown up as a warning from the PA. Marcy Newman spoke with Professor Qassem on behalf of The Electronic Intifada at his home in the Palestinian city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

An article by Azmi Bishara
Palestinian Authority against Palestinian Liberation and International Solidarity
21 October 2009 | The decision to behave in Geneva like the made-in-Oslo Palestinian Authority (PA) was but an extension of the Israeli occupation was the final nail in the coffin of international solidarity with the Palestinian cause in its customary sense.

Economic Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
Brazilian Parliament recommends freezing out Israelis from third largest export market
13 September 2009 | “This decision is an enormous blow for Israel’s economy and foreign relations,” says Jamal Juma’ of the Stop the Wall Campaign. The Brazilian Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Relations and National Defense has recommended that the parliament should not ratify the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Mercosur and the State of Israel until “Israel accepts the creation of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.”

Israeli State terrorism
First-hand account details Israeli cruelty to children
6 August 2009 | Palestinian children subject to Israeli maltreatment say they are dragged from their homes while they are choked and harassed and beaten by guns.

Cultural Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
Israeli funding angers filmmaker Ken Loach
18 July 2009 | English filmmaker Ken Loach has withdrawn his film Looking for Eric from the Melbourne International Film Festival because the festival receives funding from the Israeli Government. Loach told the festival if it did not reconsider the sponsorship, he would not allow the festival to screen his film.

Cultural Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
Leonard Cohen is not Playing in Ramallah!
12 July 2009 | .

Cultural Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
"For Once, the Yes Men Say No"
1 July 2009 | .

An article by Ilan Pappe
The necessity of cultural boycott
23 June 2009 | .

The role of US trained Palestinian security forces
Sattar Kassem: Dayton’s Joy
11 June 2009 | Mr. Sattar Kassem, Professor of Political Science at Al Najah University in Nablus, denounces once again (*) the US trained Palestinian security forces and shows how general Keith Dayton "is implanting hatred among the Palestinians, and the more they commit themselves to internal feuds and bloodshed, the more success he is assumed to be achieving".

The role of US trained Palestinian security forces
Sattar Kassem: Blood for Bread
8 June 2009 | Mr Sattar Kassem, Professor of Political Science at Al Najah University in Nablus, denounces the brutal repression carried out in the West Bank, for the sake of Israeli security and welfare, by the Palestinian security forces trained by Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, U.S. security coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

An article by Khalid Amayreh
A misbegotten government
21 May 2009 | The new Palestinian Authority (PA) government which was sworn in Ramallah Tuesday, 19 May, is another prescription for failure. Hence, one would exaggerate little by saying that the new cabinet will be a deformed replica of the previous government whose main task was confined to carrying out instructions and orders from the American “High Commissioner” in the West Bank , Gen. Keith Dayton.

An article by Hazem Jamjoum
Not an analogy: Israel and the crime of apartheid
3 April 2009 | In recent years, increasing numbers of individuals around the world have begun adopting and developing an analysis of Israel as an apartheid regime. This can be seen in the ways that the global movement in support of the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle is taking on a pointedly anti-apartheid character, as evidenced by the growth of Israeli Apartheid Week (*).

About the new Israeli Government
John J. Mearsheimer: Please tell me, where is Israel headed?
26 March 2009 | Benjamin Netanyahu is in the final stages of putting together Israel’s next government, which will be opposed to a two-state solution. Most importantly, the new prime minister and his Likud Party are firmly against a Palestinian state.

Shimon Peres discredits the Nobel Prize
Letter of Mordechaï Vanunu to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee
4 March 2009 | I keep a moving memory of that day in June 2006 where, in a convent in East Jerusalem, on the sly, I met Mordechaï Vanunu. I admired the mixture of boldness and generosity that came from the intense blue eyes of this outstanding resistant, kidnapped by Mossad agents in Rome, on 30th September 1986, and who, after having spent eighteen years in prison, continued to stand up to Israel (*). Today, this man that nothing could destroy, to whom it is forbidden to leave Jerusalem and speak to non-Israelis, addressed the Committee of the Nobel Peace Prize. — Silvia Cattori

The real goals of the Israeli Operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza
John J. Mearsheimer: Another War, Another Defeat
21 January 2009 | The Gaza offensive has succeeded in punishing the Palestinians but not in making Israel more secure. Israelis and their American supporters claim that Israel learned its lessons well from the disastrous 2006 Lebanon war and has devised a winning strategy for the present war against Hamas. Of course, when a ceasefire comes, Israel will declare victory. Don’t believe it. Israel has foolishly started another war it cannot win.

Ismail Haniyeh: My message to the West – Israel must stop the slaughter
15 January 2009 | I write this article to Western readers across the social and political spectrum as the Israeli war machine continues to massacre my people in Gaza. To date, almost 1,000 have been killed, nearly half of whom are women and children.

An article by Joseph Massad
The Gaza Ghetto Uprising
4 January 2009 | One is often baffled by the ironies of international relations and the alliances they foster. Take for example the Israeli colonial settlement that had declared war on the Palestinian people and several Arab countries since its inception while at the same time it built alliances with many Arab regimes and with Palestinian leaders.

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