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An article by John Mearsheimer
‘Pillar of Defence’: A Pillar Built on Sand
22 November 2012 | In response to a recent upsurge in tit for tat strikes between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, Israel decided to ratchet up the violence even further by assassinating Hamas’s military chief, Ahmad Jabari. Hamas, which had been playing a minor role in these exchanges and even appears to have been interested in working out a long-term ceasefire, predictably responded by launching hundreds of rockets into Israel, a few even landing near Tel Aviv.

Richard Falk: "Gaza war, cover for Israeli occupation"
21 November 2012 | At least 96 Palestinians, including many women and children, have been killed in the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since November 14. More than 700 people have also been injured, with some of the wounded in critical condition. Richard Falk a UN special Rapporteur tells Press TV that by waging the current deadly war on Gaza the Zionist regime of Israel is trying to divert attention from its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.

Israeli psychological and military war on Gaza
20 November 2012 | .

Bloodlust in Israel: ’Flatten Gaza, send it back to Middle Ages, they need to die!’
20 November 2012 | A new wave of hatred towards Palestine is sweeping through Israel from public figures to the man on the street. This hostility is in sharp contrast to efforts in Cairo, where Arab leaders and Western diplomats are trying to hammer out a peace plan.

An article by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Gaza Redux
19 November 2012 | Israel forces have been attacking Gaza, destroying power grids, destroying infrastructure and killingcivilians. They intensified the brutal attack after two home made rockets landed in Tel Aviv. Hospitals in Gaza are at the breaking point trying to deal with casualties while under siege for years.

Human rights investigations
Israeli Deputy Prime Minister: We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages
18 November 2012 | .

An article by Adrian Salbuchi
Hypocrisy of slaughter: Israel’s Orwellian account of Gaza campaign
17 November 2012 | Israel’s assault on Gaza raises doubts that it has any interest in finding the lasting peace settlement it proclaims to want. Does the campaign have an alternative objective as part of a strategy to engineer a strike on Iran?

95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
UK’s responsibility to the Palestinians
10 November 2012 | In the following Guardian letter a few Palestinians and Pro Palestinian activists call for the British government to acknowledge publicly the responsibility for previous British administrations for the Balfour Declaration and Palestinian suffering. I totally agree with the content of the letter, yet, it fails to address the most crucial and obvious fact.

About the Palestinian Right of Return
Paul Larudee: BDS, Arab Land and the Custodian of Absentee Property
9 November 2012 | .

About the Palestinian Right of Return
Gilad Atzmon: The "Return" of Ali Abuminah
9 November 2012 | Ali Abunimah, the Chicago-based, American-Palestinian activist, is, once again, on the attack. In the last few months he has launched campaigns against some of the most prominent pro-Palestinian figures such as Prof. Finkelstein, Prof. Chomsky, Greta Berlin, Col. Ann Wright and myself. But now he seems to stepping one gear up.

An article by Ramzy Baroud
The politics of money in Palestine
9 November 2012 | .

An article by Alan Hart
Memo to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: The Door on a Two-state Solution was Closed 45 Years Ago
1 October 2012 | UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told the General Assembly at the start of this week that “the door may be closing for good on a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.” He added: “The continued growth of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory seriously undermines efforts toward peace. We must break this dangerous impasse.”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to Join Jury of Russell Tribunal on Palestine
1 October 2012 | Roger Waters, founding member of the British rock band Pink Floyd, has announced that he will join Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker, civil rights icon Angela Davis, and others, on the jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, taking place in New York City, October 6–7, 2012.

Letter From Paul Larudee to Al Awda List
Has Palestine Been Abandonned By Its Own Leadership?
25 September 2012 | .

An article by Joe Catron
Gaza engineer kidnapped from Ukraine goes on hunger strike over solitary confinement
24 September 2012 | Dirar Abu Sisi, the 43-year-old deputy engineer of the only power plant in the Gaza Strip, went on a one-day hunger strike Thursday to protest against being held in solitary confinement by Israel. His fast marks the latest episode in a mysterious story of abduction and torture.

An article by Ramzy Baroud
Charity Economics, Subservient Politics: Why Oslo Must Go
21 September 2012 | Recent demonstrations in protest of the rising cost of living have swept across the West Bank. While they are not indicative of a Palestinian version of the ’Arab Spring’, they are still an important first step.

An article by Khalid Amayreh
Palestinians revolt against the Palestinian Authority
16 September 2012 | The Palestinian Authority (PA) is facing the severest political and economic crisis since its establishment following the Oslo Accords in 1993 as tens of thousands of Palestinians have been taking to the streets, protesting the high costs of living and demanding the downfall of the Ramallah regime.

An article by Dr. Ang Swee Chai
A lesson on hope on the 30th anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila massacre
5 September 2012 | Is there hope for the Palestinians? They lost their country 64 years ago and found themselves in alien land which would not even grant them basic civil rights.

An article by Jonathan Cook
Welcome to Nazareth
5 September 2012 | Until a few years ago, the only road northwards from central Israel to Nazareth rose from the fertile fields of the Jezreel Valley to wend its way steeply up the craggy face of a hill in the Lower Galilee range, following what must have once been a goat-herders’ path.

Israeli veterans confess to ’no mercy’ abuse of Palestinian ’terrorist’ kids
26 August 2012 | Israeli veterans have spoken out, describing a degrading culture of abuse and harassment of Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza. A report containing 30 veterans’ testimonies details numerous cases of violence committed by Israeli soldiers.

The Palestinian resistance hero Samir Kuntar narrowly escaped being lynched in Tunisia
19 August 2012 | The resistance hero, Samir Kuntar, who was imprisoned in Israel for 30 years on false charges and later released as part of a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hizbullah, narrowly escaped being lynched by a group of 500 Salafi thugs, armed with swords, batons, knives and other weapons, on his recent visit to Tunisia.

An article by Stephen McCloskey
Children are in the Front Line of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza
15 August 2012 | The Gaza Strip is inching toward a humanitarian crisis as Israel’s five year blockade of the territory has been exacerbated by a dispute over fuel supplies. Gaza’s young people are on the front line of this crisis as failing utilities like water and electricity and an inadequate diet have seen rampant rates of anaemia and diarrhoea.

An article by Barb Weir
Israeli Environmental Protection of Palestinian Land
4 August 2012 | Uri Gnorant of the Israeli Bureau of Land Redemption was eager to see me. “I’m glad you’re here,” he said. “You reporters talk about how little we do for Palestinians. This is a chance to set the record straight. When it comes to environmental protection and conservation, no one could possibly do more than we do.

An article by Stephen M. Walt
What’s going on in Israel?
13 July 2012 | One of the more enduring myths in the perennial debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict is the claim that Israel has always been interested in a fair and just peace, and that the only thing standing in the way of a deal is the Palestinians’ commitment to Israel’s destruction. This notion has been endlessly recycled by Israeli diplomats and by Israel’s defenders in the United States and elsewhere.

An article by Saed Bannoura
Gaza’s Interior Ministry Publishes Confessions Of Collaborators
30 June 2012 | The Ministry of Interior and National Security of the Hamas-led government in Gaza published a video of what it called “serious confessions of dangerous collaborators” who helped Israel assassinate several fighters and political leaders including senior Hamas leader, Dr. Abdul-Aziz Rantissi, who was assassinated on April 17, 2004.

An article by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
The drones king: «Dial M for murder»
26 June 2012 | What is the difference between the ex-president Bush and the today’s US-president Obama? Bush did not get the Nobel Peace Prize for his atrocities! Opposite, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Obama has managed to overtake his predecessor Bush in many things.

Eric Cantona calls for Release of Palestinian Footballer Mahmoud Sarsak
13 June 2012 | A letter signed by Eric Cantona and other personalities calling for the release of Palestinian footballer, Mahmoud Sarsak has been sent to Sports Minister Hugh Robertson and UEFA President Michel Platini.

An article by Mazin Qumsiyeh
"What happens to a dream deferred?"
30 May 2012 | .

Palestinian Prisoners Score Heroic Victory
15 May 2012 | Nearly a month into the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike, a historic victory has been achieved, as Israeli authorities were forced to comply with the prisoners’ main demands. Coinciding with the Palestinian commemoration of the 64th anniversary of the Nakba, the systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing that uprooted most Palestinians from their homeland around 1948, the prisoners’ victory has heightened hope about the prospects for Palestinian freedom, justice, self determination and the return of refugees.

An article by Richard Falk and John Hurson
Learning from the Irish Hunger Strikes of 1981 and the Palestinian Challenge
11 May 2012 | .

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