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Wikileaks files
Salam Fayyad suppressed Ramallah demonstrations during 2008-2009 Gaza war
8 September 2011 | A “classified” diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks revealed that Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad deployed 500 security officers to quell protests in Ramallah during Israel’s 2008-9 aggression on the Gaza Strip.

An article by Khalid Amayreh
Palestinian Authority must stop persecuting professor Abdel Sattar Qassem
2 September 2011 | A magistrates court judge decided on 26/08/2011 to detain Abdel-Sattar Qasem, Professor of political science at Naplus Najah University, for 15 days without charge. Observers believe that Qasem’s detention is because of his criticism of the Ramallah PA and the administration of Najah University in an article in which he criticised the arbitrary expulsion of 4 students and refusing to take them back despite the fact that the students got a court ruling in their favour.

US Palestinian Community Network’s : response to the Palestinian Authority September statehood bid
September statehood bid: Liberation and Return are Our Demands
28 August 2011 | In recent months, the Palestinian Authority has been intensifying diplomatic efforts to declare statehood at the United Nations. Wasting no avenue, the PA has been seeking to mobilize popular forces in Palestine and in the shatat (diaspora) behind this initiative. Students, community associations, solidarity campaigns, and organizers, across the US, have all been called upon to “make Palestine the 194th state.”

Israeli policy: The point of view of Arab journalists
Zero option on the Palestinian track
25 July 2011 | The report that was carried by Haaretz about the inclination of Netanyahu’s government to consecrate its control over the occupied territories of the West Bank in a legal way, but also the settlement blocs built since the Oslo accords –and which Israel pledged to dismantle more than once with American-European-Russian guarantees- came as a translation of the developments that were confirmed by American President Barack Obama’s speech about the so-called two state-solution.

An article by David Cronin
How Greece abandoned Palestine
13 July 2011 | When Andreas Papandreou died in 1996, The New York Times noted that he often left Western governments “befuddled or exasperated” as he took positions “diametrically opposed to theirs.”

An article by Richard Falk
Sabotaging Freedom Flotilla II
2 July 2011 | The reports that two of the foreign flagged ships planning to be part of the ten vessel Freedom Flotilla II experienced similar forms of disabling sabotage creates strong circumstantial evidence of Israeli responsibility.

An article by Saed Bannoura
Freedom Flotilla 2: “Gaza blockade has been extended to Greece”
1 July 2011 | With the US boat escorted by military commandos back to a Greek port, the Canadian boat boarded by Greek police, and two other Flotilla boats sabotaged by unknown professional divers, peace activists with the humanitarian aid ’Freedom Flotilla’ aimed at breaking the siege on Gaza claim that the siege has now been extended to Greek shores.

Human Rights in occupied Palestine
Richard Falk calls for immediate lifting of Israeli blockade of Gaza
23 June 2011 | Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories today called on Israel to lift its Gaza blockade “entirely and immediately.”

Israeli agents shooting "wanted" Palestinians
Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV
19 June 2011 | Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10.

An article by Ziyad Clot
Why I blew the whistle about Palestine
13 May 2011 | In Palestine, the time has come for national reconciliation. On the eve of the 63rd commemoration of the Nakba – the uprooting of Palestinians that accompanied the creation of Israel in 1948 – this is a long-awaited and hopeful moment. Earlier this year the release by al-Jazeera and the Guardian of 1,600 documents related to the so-called peace process caused deep consternation among Palestinians and in the Arab world.

A letter to Mr. Eli Yishai, Minister of the Interior
Vanunu: "Revoke my Israeli Citizenship"
5 May 2011 | Mordechai Vanunu demands to apply a recently passed law and revoke his Israeli citizenship. "I have no interest in Israeli citienship, I don’t want to go on living here".

A statement by Richard Falk
UN expert warns of impact of prolonged Israeli occupation on Palestinian children
3 May 2011 | An independent United Nations human rights expert today warned about the dire situation faced by Palestinian children due to the Israeli occupation, saying that they continue to be subjected to attacks, harassment, detention and abuse.

An article by Khalid Amayreh
Israel brutal as ever
14 April 2011 | Despite unprecedented Arab revolutions that suggest a new dawn in the region, Israel presses ahead with its old provocative policies, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied West Bank.

Artist Roger Waters supports the call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel
Roger Waters: "Where governments refuse to act, people must"
28 February 2011 | Roger Waters (*), founder member of Pink Floyd and supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people, endorses the call for the implementation of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS).

A Statement by the BDS National Committee (BNC)
The "Palestine Papers": Grave Palestinian concessions met with utter Israeli rejectionism
17 February 2011 | With revolutionary change across the Arab World eroding Israel’s power in the region, BDS has become a key strategy of the Palestinian people for a global struggle to hold Israel accountable and assert our inalienable rights under international law

The Palestine papers
The al-Madhoun assassination
25 January 2011 | Documents include handwritten notes of 2005 exchange between PA and Israel on plan to kill Palestinian fighter in Gaza.

About the Palestine papers
Khalid Amayreh: If true, it is treason
25 January 2011 | If al-Jazeera’s Sunday night’s revelations about the secrets of several years of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are true (and I don’t have the slightest doubt that they are) then we can’t escape the conclusion that whoever made these startling concessions to the Zionist regime is a traitor.

The Palestine Papers
Palestinian Authority selling short the refugees
25 January 2011 | Palestinian Authority proposed that only a handful of the nearly six million Palestinian refugees be allowed to return.

The Palestine papers
Papers reveal how Palestinian leaders gave up fight over refugees
24 January 2011 | Papers reveal how Palestinian leaders gave up fight over refugees • Negotiators agreed just 10,000 to return • PLO agreed Israel could be a ’Jewish state’ • US suggested Palestinians live in Latin America

The Palestine Papers
Expelling Israel’s Arab population?
24 January 2011 | Israeli negotiators, including Tzipi Livni, proposed "swapping" some of Israel’s Arab villages into a Palestinian state.

The Palestine papers
The story behind the Palestine papers
24 January 2011 | How 1,600 confidential Palestinian records of negotiations with Israel from 1999 to 2010 came to be leaked to al-Jazeera

The Palestine papers
Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process
23 January 2011 | • Massive new leak lifts lid on negotiations • PLO offered up key settlements in East Jerusalem • Concessions made on refugees and Holy sites

The Palestine Papers
"The biggest Yerushalayim"
23 January 2011 | PA offered to concede almost all of East Jerusalem, an historic concession for which Israel offered nothing in return.

The Palestine Papers
Introducing The Palestine Papers
23 January 2011 | Al Jazeera has obtained more than 1,600 internal documents from a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

A commentary by Ilan Pappé
The “Stuttgart Declaration” represents a paradigm shift
12 January 2011 | Following the controversy (*) caused by the Final Declaration of the Conference of Solidarity with Palestine, held in November 2010 in Stuttgart under the title "One Democratic State in Palestine with Equal Rights for all its Citizens ", Ilan Pappe emphasizes here the importance and relevance of this statement which represents a paradigm shift.

Lecture by Ilan Pappé at the Stuttgart Conference
Supporting the Refugees’ right of return is saying NO to Israeli racism
10 January 2011 | .

An article by Richard Falk
Hopes of Gaza cast in lead
4 January 2011 | Israel is gearing up for another major offensive into Gaza, yet the world community still remains bafflingly silent. It is dismaying that during this dark anniversary period two years after the launch of the deadly attacks on the people of Gaza - code-named Operation Cast Lead by the Israelis - that there should be warnings of a new massive attack on the beleaguered people of Gaza.

An analysis by Julien Salingue
Reflections on the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Authority and the future of the national movement
31 December 2010 | On October 3, Mahmoud Abbas, de facto Palestinian President (*), stated that he would reject all dialogue with Israel if the settlement freeze on the West Bank was not renewed. The same day, outgoing Israeli chief of staff Gaby Ashkenazi was “visiting” Bethlehem, where he met officials of the Palestinian security forces.

An article by Jeffrey Blankfort
Isn’t it time we stopped? (1990)
26 December 2010 | The decision of the Seattle transport authority to cancel a contract to run a series of bus ads protesting Israel’s war crimes brings to mind a similar campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area, twenty years ago this month, which had a very different outcome.

A Book by William A. Cook
“The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction”
19 December 2010 | When a copy of William A. Cook’s latest book, The Plight of the Palestinians arrived in my mailbox, I initially felt a little worried. The volume, featuring the work of over 30 accomplished writers, is the most articulate treatise on the collective victimization of Palestinians to date. From Cook’s own introduction, ’The Untold Story of the Zionist Intent to Turn Palestine into a Jewish State’ to Francis Boyle’s summation of ’Israel’s Crimes against the Palestinians’, it takes the reader through an exhaustive journey, charting the course of Palestinian history prior to and since al-Nakba, the Catastrophe of 1947-48.

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