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Interference - War
By Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh
Obama and global intifada
1 September 2013 | It is not difficult to understand the power-game being played in Syria and no decent human being should stand on the sideline in a conflict that will shape the future of our humanity. The global intifada (uprising) is spreading and it is rejecting war and hegemony and now even President Obama is reeling under pressure.

George Galloway speaks at The British House of Commons (Video)
"Who Are You To Decide That You Will Launch A War?"
30 August 2013 | .

An article by Tony Cartalucci
CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria - There is no Evidence
29 August 2013 | The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what many suspected, that the West’s so-called "evidence" of the latest alleged "chemical attacks" in Syria, pinned on the Syrian government are fabrications spun up from the West’s own dubious intelligence agencies.

By Arun Mohan Sukumar
Defending the indefensible in Syria
29 August 2013 | There is neither any justification for the West’s imminent military intervention nor any substance to its claim that the assault will be limited and short-lived.

By former UN Assistant Secretary General
Syria is not Iraq, yet ... - Hans-C von Sponeck
28 August 2013 | Syria is not Iraq. Yet, the intensifying human drama in Syria does remind of Iraq in the build-up of the US/UK invasion in 2003. Conspiracy theories abounded, disinformation made the news and political leaders mislead the public without hesitation. Once again innocent people are fleeing their homes in the millions, are killed in large numbers and physical destruction is all pervasive. These are the facts we have.

WAR ALERT: Syria in danger of U.S. bombing
28 August 2013 | John Kerry has just made an ominous announcement that the U.S. intends to take "action" against Syria, and that Syria will be "held accountable." Talk of a chemical weapons attack in Syria is filling the airwaves. The U.S. is blaming the Assad government for it and openly talking of direct military intervention.

Human rights investigations
John Kerry’s war-mongering speech on chemical weapons in Syria
27 August 2013 | Analysis of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on the subject of the alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs, suggests the senator has his facts wrong again and is fully engaged in war-mongering propagandistic rhetoric. He may be using a form of psychological projection to protect himself from ongoing feelings of guilt at his role in the massive use of chemical weapons by US forces in Vietnam but in any case the posited military action in Syria represents yet another case of an ill-thought out policy with dire humanitarian consequences being sold to the public on grounds of high morality.

An article by Jean Bricmont
The Unwitting Agents of the Imperial Order - The Wishful Thinking Left
14 August 2013 | Once upon a time, in the early 1970′s, many people, including myself, thought that all the “struggles” of that period were linked: the Cultural Revolution in China, the guerillas in Latin America, the Prague Spring and the East European “dissidents”, May 68, the civil rights movement, the opposition to the Vietnam war, and the nominally socialist anti-colonial movements in Africa and Asia. We also thought that the “fascist” regimes in Spain, Portugal and Greece, by analogy with WWII, could only be overthrown through armed struggle, very likely protracted.

An article by Ramzy Baroud
Sectarianism and the Irrational New Discourse: Why Arabs Must Worry
11 June 2013 | My friend Hanna is Syrian and also happens to be Christian. The latter fact was rarely of consequence, except whenever he wished to boast about the contributions of Arab Christians to Middle Eastern cultures. Of course, he is right. The modern Arab identity has been formulated through a fascinating mix of religions, sects and races.

Final Communiqué of the Conference “Peoples Want Peace”
24 May 2013 | The conference entitled “Peoples Want Peace”, organized by the World Peace Council and the Peace Association of Turkey, concluded successfully with the participation of more than 20 national peace committees and international organizations, peace-loving journalists and artists in Istanbul and Antakya from 25th to 29th April 2013 (*).

Escobar: Israel gets US’s blessing to bomb Syria
6 May 2013 | The Israeli bombing it is an act of war.

We Were Soldiers in the "War on Terror"
25 March 2013 | .

An article by Tony Cartalucci
Dead French Photographer was State Department-Funded - Embedded With Al Qaeda
27 February 2013 | Further indication of the depraved nature of the West’s campaign against Syria, and the depraved nature of its institutions, methods, and faux-NGOs, vindicating a growing trend of ejecting Western "journalists" and NGO’s from an ever increasing number of nations, it is revealed that a French photographer recently killed in Syria was embedded with terrorist militants in Idlib, northern Syria, and was working on behalf of the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded "Reporters Without Borders."

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Dahlia Wasfi: U.S. Seeking Violent Solution to Syrian Crisis
12 February 2013 | The American physician and peace activist Dahlia Wasfi believes that the U.S. government has hypocritically turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Bahrain under the oppression and crackdown by the Al Khalifa regime, while using the unrest in Syria to Balkanize and disintegrate the country and further its agenda for the Greater Middle East.

‘Israeli airstrike intended to stop Syrian scientific military research’
1 February 2013 | Though Israel has not yet claimed responsibility for an airstrike targeting a military site near Damascus, experts believe that Tel Aviv aimed to further destabilize Syria and undermine its military capabilities.

Israel Intervenes on the Syrian Front
1 February 2013 | Almost two years into the Syrian crisis, Israel has decided to openly join the effort to bring down the Assad regime with a nighttime attack on a Syrian military research facility near the capital.

An article by Konstantin Garibov
Israel gets involved in Syria conflict
31 January 2013 | Israel has got involved in the conflict in Syria. On January 30th its air forces carried out a strike on a scientific-research centre in a suburb of Damascus. As a result, two people were killed and several wounded, the Syrian State Television reported. Israel’s Foreign Minister spokesman refused to comment on this report.

An article by Jeremy Salt
Terrorists and ‘Terrorists’: Quotes Make the Difference
27 January 2013 | The French bombing of Islamic extremists and terrorists in Mali contrasts nicely with France’s support for Islamic extremists/terrorists in Syria. Francois Hollande says Mali had to be stopped from becoming an Islamic terrorist base on ‘Europe’s doorstep.’ Mali is 3237 kms from France and Syria is 3322 kms from France, so the doorstep difference is 85 kms. Yet, while blocking ‘Islamic terrorism’ in Mali, France is promoting it in Syria through its support for the Islamist groups fighting to bring down the secular government of Bashar al Assad.

Tzipi Livni admitted that Qatar paid the campaign of Netanyahou...
26 January 2013 | Tzipi Livni, admitted on the Israeli television channel 1, that Qatar paid the campaign of Netanyahou and the campaign of the Yisrael Beiteinu party.

An Article by Finian Cunningham
Gung-ho French in another fatal African attraction
17 January 2013 | With France’s ignominious track record for disastrous military adventures on the African continent – the 1956 Suez Crisis comes most to mind – one would think that the former colonial power would have learned some prudence by now. But alas, no. The French charged into Mali last week with hundreds of troops, fighter jets and attack helicopters in a rash move that casts serious questions of legality and military viability.

Is this the Western-promoted "freedom and democracy" that Syrians want?
3 January 2013 | A Wahhabi religious cleric in Saudi Arabia, Muhammed al-Arifi, who is very influential in Jihadi circles, has recently issued a fatwa (religious edict) that permits all Jihadist militants in Syria to engage in short-lived marriages with Syrian women that each lasts for a few hours in order to satisfy their sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians.

Interesting interview with Sergey Lavrov
The West still refuses to condemn rebel atrocities
27 December 2012 | West faces dangerous game choosing ’bad’ vs ’acceptable’ terrorism.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Prof. Francis Shor: The U.S. Economy and Military Fading Gradually
11 December 2012 | The signs of the decline and weakening of the U.S. global hegemony and its political and economic dominance have begun to emerge and such serious and powerful contenders as Brazil, Russia, China, Turkey and Iran are gradually contributing to the diminishing of the uncontested power and authority of the United States as the world’s number one superpower.

An analysis by Jean Bricmont
Beware the Anti-Anti-War Left
5 December 2012 | Ever since the 1990s, and especially since the Kosovo war in 1999, anyone who opposes armed interventions by Western powers and NATO has to confront what may be called an anti-anti-war left (including its far left segment). In Europe, and notably in France, this anti-anti-war left is made up of the mainstream of social democracy, the Green parties and most of the radical left.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Diana Johnstone: ‘Sanctions are used as a tool to destabilize independent states’
29 November 2012 | The United States and its allies impose sanctions against independent nations in order to destabilize the independent states, create political chaos and install puppet regimes, a U.S. writer says.

Interview with Prof. James F. Tracy by Kourosh Ziabari
US is Allied with and Actively Supports Al Qaeda
10 November 2012 | American political commentator professor James F. Tracy believes that the United States has been constantly allied with Al-Qaeda and has supported it militarily and financially.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Linh Dinh: "The US Demonizes Muslims to Steal their Oil and to Protect Israel "
3 November 2012 | Linh Dinh is a prominent progressive author and poet, internationally renowned for his outspoken criticism of the domestic and foreign policy of the United States, which he calls criminal and detrimental to the interest of the American people. Born on 1963 in Vietnam, he is the author of two collections of stories and five poetry books.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Sherwood Ross: CIA is the foremost criminal organization in the world
22 October 2012 | American journalist and political commentator Sherwood Ross believes that CIA is the world’s foremost criminal organization and that the anti-Iranian sanctions of the United States and its European allies are contrary to the principles of human rights.

The fraud of "humanitarian wars"
Libya, racism, imperialism and humanitarian interventionism
22 October 2012 | Human Rights Investigations (HRI) evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Adrian Salbuchi: Washington, London and Tel Aviv don’t tolerate true democracy
10 October 2012 | Adrian Salbuchi is an internationally-renowned Argentine author, political analyst, speaker and radio/TV commentator. His articles are widely published and translated in different countries and he regularly appears on such TV channels and Russia Today and Press TV to comment on a variety of international issues. He is a regular contributor to the Montreal-based Center for Research on Globalization and the New Dawn magazine. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally.

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