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Gilad Atzmon
By Gilad Atzmon
The Arabs And Their Spring
4 July 2013 | It is not a secret that summer skipped Europe this year and some meteorologists even predict a sun eclipse for the next seven to ten years. When asked to explain this dire prediction a few experts ended up blaming the Arabs, ‘it is all because of the Arabs, they took all the spring.’

A Conversation with Gilad Atzmon’ - 21st Century Wire TV
4 July 2013 | 21st Century Wire - ’A Conversation with Gilad Atzmon’ - Host Patrick Henningsen and special guest award-winning musician and author, Gilad Atzmon, discussing the power of the Israeli lobby in Europe and the US, and a deeper look into Jewish identity politics as detailed in Atzmon’s new book, ’The Wandering Who?’.Don’t miss this engaging discussion...

Gilad Atzmon: "It is very important to me to be an ex Jew" (Video)
24 June 2013 | Gilad Atzmon, a wonderful musician and writer, is an outspoken critic of Israeli politics and Jewish culture ; he resides in London in a self imposed exile. To those who accuse him to be an "Anti-Semite" he simply answers: "Anti-Semite is an empty signifier; no one actually can be an Anti-Semite and this includes me of course. In short, you are either a racist - which I am not - or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism... which I have."

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Syria - Israel Is Losing the Battle
8 June 2013 | In the last week we have been following British and French’s desperate attempts to push for a military intervention in Syria. It is far from being a secret that both British and French government are dominated by the Jewish Lobby. In Britain it is the ultra Zionist CFI (Conservative Friends of Israel) - apparently 80% of Britain’s conservative MPs are members of the pro Israeli Lobby. In France the situation is even more devastating, the entire political system is hijacked by the forceful CRIF.

By Gilad Atzmon
Palestinian academics should rise up while aiming at the truth: Expert
24 May 2013 | In the last few years we have been witnessing the emergence of a self-gratifying populist culture in the midst of the Palestinian scholarly discourse.

By Gilad Atzmon
In Bed With Bibi Netanyahu
7 May 2013 | Once again we see a familiar pattern: our united ’progressives’ — a veritable synagogue, a collective of great humanists — lend their support to the oppressed. This time it is the ‘Syrian people’ whom they wish to liberate and their enemy is obviously Bashar Al-Asad.

By Gilad Atzmon
Pappe’s Discomfort
1 May 2013 | Ilan Pappe is an important voice. One of those courageous historians, brave enough to open the Pandora box of 1948. Back in the 1990s Pappe, amongst a few other Israeli post-Zionists, reminded Israelis of their original sin - the orchestrated, racially-driven ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine - the Nakba.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Controlled Opposition - From Goldstein to Soros and Beyond
12 April 2013 | I started highlighting, only to discover that the entire article should be highlighted. Gilad Atzmon hit this one out of the ballpark! [Cynthia McKinney]

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Israel Channel 2 program on Anti-Semitism
11 April 2013 | Israel defines itself as the Jewish State, its tanks are decorated with Jewish symbols, it commits crimes against humanity in the name of the Jewish people, and yet, Israeli TV can’t understand why people out there express some anger towards Israel. Zionism or Jews. I can’t make up my mind whether this is tragic or just sad -time is overdue for Israel and Jews to self-reflect.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Thinking Left may be Possible
11 April 2013 | Yesterday I gave a seminar in a Marxist university here in Buenos Aires. The topic was History, Being & Time. The audience were history professors. I argued that Revisionism is the true meaning of historical thinking- it is the attempt to think ethically while thinking of the past in a transcendental manner. I must admit that I had a great time.

Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble: Songs of the Metropolis – review
29 March 2013 | You might be fooled, by the playful waltz that opens this set’s portrayal of Vienna, or by the solemnly marching chords introducing Moscow, into thinking that volatile reeds virtuoso Gilad Atzmon has grown tired of fighting battles and finally opted for the expected.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Jewish Voice for Weizmann
3 March 2013 | I just came across a JVP press release (Jewish Voice for Peace) reporting a 
massive advertising campaign to counter the AIPAC Annual Conference in Washington. Apparently, from today 100 billboards will be stationed in DC Metro bearing a simple but important message. “AIPAC Does Not Speak for Me”.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Twitter Sabbath Goy of the year Award...
27 February 2013 | .

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Past Imperfect: History, Propaganda, and Oscar
26 February 2013 | History is commonly regarded as an attempt to produce a structured account of the past. It proclaims to tell us what really happened, but in most cases it fails to do that. Instead it is set to conceal our shame, to hide those various elements, events, incidents and occurrences in our past which we cannot cope with.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
BDS Against George Galloway
24 February 2013 | With BDS, it’s never boring. Although formed initially to mount pressure on Israel, increasingly BDS campaigns are now, bit by bit, focusing on silencing any pro-Palestinian voice with an IQ over 90. For the BDS leadership, intellect is a threat – and they may be right.

To Shun or Bury the Hatchet? The Case of Gilad Atzmon
11 February 2013 | .

An article by Gilad Atzmon
BDS leadership’s better learn from its mistakes
9 February 2013 | It’s almost funny to read the BDS’ leadership’s outraged reactions to top ethnic-cleansing advocate Alan Dershowitz when he tried to stop a discussion with Judith Butler and Omar Barghouti discussing BDS at NYC Brooklyn College.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Israeli Election: Time to bin Left and Right Terminologies
23 January 2013 | Most commentators on Israeli politics fail to see that notions of Left and Right are pretty much irrelevant to the understanding of Israeli politics. Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and, as the years pass, Israel does indeed become more and more Jewish.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Sax Offender Vs. Progressive Rapists
19 January 2013 | Once again leading UK AZZs , their Sabbath Goyim (Laurie Penny and Richard Seymour) and Islamophobic Hasbara outlet Harry’s Place have been caught together in bed. The exact same Judeocentric tribal coalition that, a year and a half ago, was formed to wreck my career (and failed) is now pursuing Martin Smith AKA Comrade Delta, former secretary of the UK SWP (Socialist Workers Party) who, they insist, is a ‘sex offender’.

Songs Of The Metropolis - a film by Tali Atzmon
15 January 2013 | .

An article by Gilad Atzmon
"Israel leaves behind traces of genocidal crimes in Lebanon..."
15 January 2013 | Lebanon is incredible - an intoxicating blend of natural beauty, rebellious spirit, pious clarity, tolerance, wild night life and unbelievable hummus. I landed in Beirut four days ago. The purpose of my visit wasn’t all that clear. I knew that a talk and a musical performance were scheduled by Almayadeen TV, but I never expected such a spiritually transforming experience.

Rinaldo Francesca interviews Gilad Atzmon
Jewish Progressive Racism
8 January 2013 | .

An article by Gilad Atzmon
«Why must they form a Jewish collective instead of operating simply as ordinary human beings?»
8 January 2013 | Stop the Press: 0.000125 % of the Jews are Ethical and Universalists! The Messiah must be finally here—or at least just around the corner!

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Jewish Projection For Christmas
27 December 2012 | One day before Christmas, the Israeli embassy in Ireland posted a message on its Facebook page that said that if Jesus and Mary were alive today in Bethlehem, they would probably be lynched by local Arabs.

Gilad Atzmon...on the "Jewish Lobby"...
16 December 2012 | Atzmon is a world leading Jazz saxophonist. He also acts as a musical producer- arranger.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
The Chosenites-Stop Everything and Watch This Horrid Expose
15 December 2012 | The following video is a hard-hitting attempt to expose the link between Israeli barbarism and Jewish cultural and religious teaching. As we all know our Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists (JVP, IJAN, Mondoweiss etc’) insist that Zionism should be regarded as an anomaly within the wide context of Jewish culture and religion.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Sharon the Truth Teller
20 November 2012 | Gilad Sharon, son of Ariel Sharon, wrote in the Jerusalem Post that Israel should “Flatten all of Gaza.”

Interview with the musician and writer Gilad Atzmon by Angela Lano
Gilad Atzmon: Israel and its widespread propaganda
18 November 2012 | .

An article by Gilad Atzmon
From Stalingrad to Gaza with Love
17 November 2012 | Benjamin Netanyahu, is made of different material than Barak. Unlike Barak, who is obsessed with the banal implementation of military power, Netanyahu is concerned with the power of deterrence and he is also intelligent enough to realise that the consequences of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip may mean the total eradication of such a power.

An article by Gilad Atzmon
Inciting Division
19 October 2012 | The recent attack on Free Gaza’s Greta Berlin and Colonel Ann Wright suggests that we have crossed a red line — Jewish domination within the Palestinian solidarity movement belongs to the past. We are now, it seems, under Zionist occupation, and we are subject to all the symptoms of Israeli abuse and Zionist brutality.

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