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Silvia Cattori
A puppet imposed by the Israeli allies
Abu Mazen only represents a small part of the Palestinian people.
5 February 2005 | Khaled lives in the refugee camp of Jabaliya as if in a prison. Forty years old, Khaled is a member of no political or religious movement. He is representative of this generation of Palestinians who returned to Palestine in 1994, who has no status and who, having no papers can go nowhere. It is thus impossible for him to go to see members of his family in the West Bank. The Gaza Strip is entirely encircled and controled by the Israeli frontier police. If he fell into their hands, he would be arrested or expelled from Palestine. Despite his hard life, Khaled says that he is happy to have a small salary which allows hil to feed his family.

Who can claim that he "did not know"?
Taking sides between victims and executioners
27 September 2004 | September 28 is a terrible date for the Palestinians. A date that marks the beginning of “uprising”, Intifada, unshackled now four years ago, by the provocative inroad of Likud leader Ariel Sharon, in one of the most holy places of the Muslims: the mosque Haram al Sharif. But what rising are we talking about ? During the years in which the Israeli governments, of the right as well as from the left, behaved as if the demands of humanity did not exist, we have assisted, sorrowful and powerless, in the crushing of the Palestinians.

For having denounced the violations of the right to food in the occupied territories
Jean Ziegler in the dock
25 July 2004 | Jean Ziegler, UN special investigator on the right to food, now is in the dock because he documented – in an official investigation – the Israeli violations of the right to food and the human rights in the occupied territories.

War crimes
Sheikh Yassin: a political leader of Hamas loosely assassinated
22 March 2004 | In what other country are handicapped political opponents being hunted down with airplanes and missiles ? In our country, Switzerland, the disabled are treated with respect. All kinds of facilities exist to make their life bearable.

Israel makes the war at children
The Kids of Market Street
22 March 2004 | As I was walking down Market Street on this chilly morning of December, far was I from thinking that, a few minutes later, I would be in the middle of my worst nightmare. So much so, that it took me several months before even being able to recount it.

Brutalities and humiliations
Morrows that sing small
21 February 2004 | At times, when you realise that you can be killed on the spot ; you stand between anguish and hope and are astonished by the calmness the Palestinians show. Threatened to be killed, insulted and loaded with insults, they find refuge in the silence. In fact, they developed an incredible ability to adapt, without which they could not survive the horrors they have to endure daily. When one asks them if they are not afraid that a bullet takes over their destiny, they reply mischievously that the soldiers who treat them like animals, are much more frightened than they are.

Do people under occupation have the right to resist?
To the European parliaments members who voted for a disgraceful resolution that squandered the rights of Palestinians.
15 February 2004 | On October 23rd 2003, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority a resolution known as “Peace and Dignity in the Middle East” (*).

Israel continues ethnic cleansing
A war of annihilation
25 January 2004 | I have returned from Palestine broken. Not because I’m faint hearted, or because – at Ben Gurion airport - the Israeli police perpetrated the ultimate humiliation by taking, until hell freezes over, the tools of my trade*. I returned broken because of what I saw, of what I came to understand of the tragedy of which I was a witness: the war of racist extermination that Israel wages against civilians without the power to defend themselves, and who the world refuses to see.

Tsahal kills international volunteers
If we can take inspiration from his sacrifice, Tom Hurndall won’t have died in vain
14 January 2004 | Tom Hurndall passed away on January 13 2004. He was barely 22 years old. In fact, Tom had already ceased to live the life of an enterprising and passionate young man since April 11 2003 when an Israeli soldier aimed and shot him in the head, with the sole objective of killing him, otherwise he would have aimed for his lower body.

BBC’s pro Israeli bias
The child victims of repeated journalist lies
4 December 2003 | From Balata refugees camp. During weeks the military occupation forces lead an atrocious battle against the children of Balata, the small refugee camp near Naplouse. Miltary forces, it must be said, entered their forlorn camp with orders to terrorise and provoke the children, in order to lure them to their armoured jeeps where they lay hidden, like mice to a trap from which they would never escape in one piece.

Israeli persecutions
To not give up is to stay alive
27 November 2003 | What I witnessed today was very hard to stand even if not a drop of blood was spilt. To watch these soldiers taking satisfaction in humiliating and insulting other men without being able to stop them, is a kind of torture that leaves its marks for ever.

A world without compassion
« Don’t be afraid »
30 September 2003 | The shattered eyes of Palestine are staring at us. They are craving for unity, for justice, for truth, for humanity. Those are the eyes of generations of children who have been deprived of the happiness of their age. The eyes I am talking about are those of this young Palestinian kid whose gaze, straight and profound, came to rest at us with curiosity, with warmth. Green eyes oddly contrasting with the apocalyptic landscape of greyness of this April morning, when, horror-stricken, we entered the ruined historic quarter of Nablus.

Courageous denunciation of the violations of the right to food in the occupied territories
Wonderful Jean Ziegler
25 September 2003 | Jean Ziegler, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, payed an official visit to Palestine in July 2003. This was the first time a UN rapporteur was allowed to investigate the situation in the occupied territories.

Israeli racist diplomacy
Israel doesn’t even respect the living, it could at least respect the dead
25 August 2003 | Parties, associations, men and women of peace and justice, where are you? Why don’t I ear you scream “ Enough! ” when faced by this injustice ? Every day which pass with your silence allows Israel and the United States to go farther in this horror. Where are the Human Rights champions, those fighting against racism, always so fast in accusing us of anti-Semitism?

A painful experience
Going to Palestine
15 August 2003 | Taking off from Europe or Australia to land here, in this part of the world we think that we know all about, but in reality we know nothing of; is not an easy task. This is certainly the starting point of thinking that does not leave you unchanged.

A small city martyrized
Jenin under hatred
30 April 2003 | To get to Jenine , there is no other way but to drive across Calandia. We have to take a ‘taxi service’ after the checkpoint at the junction between Ramallah and Jerusalem. I took the last seat left in a mini van to Jenin.

Persecuted by the occupation army
Naplus withstanding
25 April 2003 | I love this city built in a basin. I love it the way one can love whatever men’s cruelty may have torn down. From the heights, we can overlook it resting indolently, bestowing itself to our eyes: set out in a landscape like a precious jewel in its box. Naplus could be an idyllic place to live in. One can not stop gazing at it. One can not stop asking oneself, why Israel brutalises it this way.

Children in hell
Rafah the cursed
14 April 2003 | The tens of thousands of soldiers sent by the Israeli army to Palestine are not at all the angel like beings that the media strive to picture us. The reality is that the process of Apartheid they sat up and that consists in asphyxiating the whole population, is far more sophisticated and far more atrocious than what has been described to us until now.

Palestine under occupation
Gaza, the land of the sad oranges
13 April 2003 | "To those who went martyred for the land of the sad oranges. And for those who have not been martyred yet". Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters, friends. To you all who can still find in yourself some kind of indignation; where are you? The damned of Palestine are searching for some sense of humanity and they put their hopes in you.

A political weapon
Anti-semitism like a scarecrow
25 January 2003 | Remarks made by the CRIF president on 25 January 2003 on a France Culture radio programme deeply revolted me. This man accused “leftist party militants” – in fact International Civilian Society members who feel it is their moral duty to protect the Palestinian people threatened in its integrity by the Israeli occupation forces – of “incarnating the new age of anti-Semitism”.

Israeli Arrogance
Not everyone can get in, Israel decides everything
21 April 2002 | One morning in April, I landed in Ben Gourion airport in Tel Aviv. I was asked to wait on the side while others were going straight ahead to the exit doors. I was interrogated by the customs officers, looked at with suspicion, driven from desk to desk. They went through all my things, and I understood immediately that there, nothing is free, nothing smiles to you, nothing is like anywhere else.

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