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US accelerates preparations for ’no-fly zone’ in Syria
12 June 2012 | The United States may soon take on a formal role in the Syrian uprising after reports surfaced this week that suggest the White House wants an air offensive targeting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

A testimony by Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson
Syria: Journalists set up to be shot by the rebels
9 June 2012 | "I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian Army. Dead journos are bad for Damascus."

An analysis by Alastair Crooke
The ’great game’ in Syria
9 June 2012 | This analysis published by Alastair Crooke in October 2011 has lost none of its relevance.

United Nations
Russia slams Saudi Arabia, Qatar for funding Syrian rebels
8 June 2012 | The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has slammed Saudi Arabia and Qatar for funding and supplying weapons to armed Syrian opposition groups.

Brzezinski: "The evidence of a national uprising against Assad is relatively limited"
8 June 2012 | Former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has warned against an “emotional” response by the West to the Syrian crisis, saying any foreign intervention in the Arab state could have grave repercussions.

China, Russia in ‘close coordination’ on Syrian issue
5 June 2012 | China says Beijing and Moscow are in "close communication and coordination" regarding the Syrian issue and that both countries are against foreign intervention in the Arab state.

Journalist Marat Musin about Houla Massacre
3 June 2012 | The following text is the translation of a blog entry of the ANNA News journalist Marat Musin, who was in the region of al-Houla (Houla/Hula – near the Syrian city of Homs) last week and who has own experiences how the horrible “Houla massacre” in Syria happened and who is behind the violent and horrible massacre near Homs.

An article by Tony Cartalucci
West’s Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway
30 May 2012 | UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery.

An article by Ismail Salami
Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria
30 May 2012 | Washington, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Brussels, Arab puppet regimes, Extremist Wahhabis, Al-Qaeda

In response to the UN statement regarding al-Houla massacre
Full text of Dr Bashar Al-Ja’afari’s Press Conference at the UN
28 May 2012 | The full text of the Press Conference in which the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Al-Ja’afari denounced "the tsunami of lies that were said a few minutes ago by some members of the Council". – Silvia Cattori

Press Conference at the UN
Dr Bashar Al-Ja’afari: In response to the UN statement regarding al-Houla massacre
28 May 2012 | Syria strongly criticized the wording of a United Nations Security Council statement on the recent massacre of civilians in the town of Houla in the west of the country. On Sunday, the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari censured "the tsunami of lies that were said a few minutes ago by some members of the council,” AFP reported.

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdisi: Al-Hola Massacre - Real Story
27 May 2012 | Makdissi: We absolutely refute the Syrian Forces responsibility for Al-Hola Massacre.

Syrian government denies involvement in Houla massacre
27 May 2012 | Damascus has refuted accusations of being behind a ruthless attack in Houla where over 90 civilians were killed. Political analyst Ibrahim Alloush told Russia Today those killed were actually Assad loyalists, and the timing is suspicious.

An article by Chris Marsden
US prepares multi-front proxy war against Syria
26 May 2012 | Since the Washington Post’s May 16 report on an influx of arms to Syrian opposition forces, the Obama administration’s plans for a proxy war against Syria have become clearer still.

An article by Sharmine Narwani
Homs Opposition: Al Farouq Battalion is Killing Us
14 May 2012 | It is extremely rare to have a direct peephole into events on the ground in Syria. The hard-fought battle over narratives often leaves truth in the dust. But among the cache of recently leaked emails (exclusive to Al Akhbar) from Syrian National Council (SNC) President Burhan Ghalioun’s inbox, comes this gem – important information that further highlights the glaring loophole in UN Envoy Kofi Annan’s demilitarization plans for Syria: rogue fighters.

Damascus attacks put ceasefire to the test
11 May 2012 | Damascus was hit by the deadliest attack in 14 months: twin suicide car-bombs that killed at least 55 people and wounded nearly 400. Reports on local TV showed damaged buildings, cars and human remains, referring to the attacks as ‘staged by terrorists funded from abroad’.

At least 55 killed in twin blasts at Damascus intel compound, terrorists blamed
10 May 2012 | At least 55 people have been killed and 372 others injured by two powerful blasts in the Syrian capital on Thursday morning. The car bombs detonated near a military intelligence building

Syria Rocked by Powerful Blasts
10 May 2012 | Two powerful blasts hit the Syrian capital on Thursday. State TV said that 40 people were martyred and 170 others were injured.

An article by Tony Cartalucci
Brookings Announces Next Move in Syria: War
9 May 2012 | After admitting UN peace plan was a ploy, Brookings predictably scraps it and begins promoting expanded military conflict.

Syrian opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo
5 May 2012 | A delegation of Syrian rebels has made a deal with Pristina authorities to exchange experience of partisan warfare. Syrian opposition is sending militants to Kosovo for adopting tactics and being trained to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Russia accuses Syrian rebels of intending to ruin peace plan
3 May 2012 | Russia has accused armed groups in Syria of conducting a large-scale campaign to cause Kofi Annan’s peace plan to fail by violating the UN-brokered ceasefire

An article by Imad Fawzi Shueibi
Struggle over the Middle East: Gas Ranks First
29 April 2012 | Now we understand that energy is the goal of the war going on in Syria between the two main world alliances Nato + Israel against Russia and China and their allies. We know also that Lebanon and Syria contain enormous sources of Gas and this is now the real goal of the attack against them, especially coming from the theocracies of the Gulf afraid of losing their grip and fortune. - R.A.

Lebanese Army Captures Arms Ship Heading to Syria
28 April 2012 | Lebanese security sources told Al-Manar TV that the Lebanese navy intercepted on Friday an arms-loaded ship in north Lebanon.

Bashar al-Assad : Crisis Still at the Beginning, Obama Forced to Seek Calm
25 April 2012 | The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed beliefs Tuesday that the Syrian crisis is still in the beginning, pointing out that the international situation is being positively developed, and that the Obama administration will be forced to look for calm by next summer, due to the obligations imposed by the U.S. election.

An interview with Lizzie Phelan
United States supports Syrian armed gangs against Assad: Analyst
23 April 2012 | An advance team of UN observers visited Syria’s western province of Homs to monitor a ceasefire brokered by UN-Arab league envoy, Kofi Annan. Press TV has conducted an interview with freelance journalist Lizzie Phelan to further discuss the issue. The following is a transcription of the interview.

Syria police find 12 bodies mutilated by terrorists
22 April 2012 | Syrian authorities have found 12 mutilated bodies of civilians who were kidnapped by armed groups earlier in the western city of Homs, Press TV reports.

Syrian opposition trying to disrupt Annan’s peace plan
18 April 2012 | The Syrian opposition is attempting to disrupt Kofi Anna’s peace plan and trigger violence. Reportedly, militants of the Free Syrian Army are using refugee camps in Turkey to make preparations for launching attacks on checkpoints. The Foreign Ministers of Russia and Morocco, Sergei Lavrov and Saadeddin al-Othmani discussed the situation in Syria at their meeting.

Protests in Syria
Lavrov Tells ‘Third Parties’ to Stay Out of Syrian Conflict
17 April 2012 | Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned on Tuesday against “third parties” becoming involved in the Syrian conflict.

UN blames Assad, Assad blames opposition for violence ahead of ceasefire
7 April 2012 | Thousands of people have taken into the streets of Damascus in a massive pro-government rally. Syrian President Assad, meanwhile, has sent a message to the UN blaming the opposition for the recent spate of violence ahead of the ceasefire deadline

An article by Jeremy Salt
Bad Losers’ Conference: Syrians Pay the Price
5 April 2012 | The ’Friends of Syria’ conference in Istanbul ended with a pledge of qualified support for the Annan plan while agreeing on concrete measures to undermine it. Saudi Arabia and other gulf states are going to stump up the money to turn the so-called Free Syrian Army into a fully-fledged mercenary army.

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