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An article by Valencia Mohammed
Walter Fauntroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home
8 September 2011 | Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who recently returned from a self-sanctioned peace mission to Libya, said he went into hiding for about a month in Libya after witnessing horrifying events in Libya’s bloody civil war — a war that Fauntroy claims is backed by European forces.

An article by Pepe Escobar
Libya: The real war starts now
7 September 2011 | Enough about The Big G’s downfall. Now comes the real nitty-gritty; Afghanistan 2.0, Iraq 2.0, or a mix of both. The "NATO rebels" have always made sure they don’t want foreign occupation. But the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - which made the victory possible - can’t control Libya without boots on the ground.

An analysis by Wassim Raad
The western project for the East: Parliamentary systems under protectorate
5 September 2011 | What is happening in Libya is putting forward the real archetype of the political project carried by an Arab political faction and featuring a mixture of branches from the international Muslim Brotherhood organization, groups from the liberal bourgeoisie and some failed left wing blocs.

An article by Lizzie Phelan
"Free Tripoli" - just don’t mention the corpses
5 September 2011 | The war on Libya has not only been a war that has vindicated NATO’s claim to the most powerful military force on earth, capable of imposing its will through sheer aggression wherever it sees fit, but it has also been a war that has reasserted the western mainstream media’s power to not just fabricate events but to create.

Testimony by Lizzie Phelan
Witnessing the Transition to fear in Tripoli
3 September 2011 | Lizzie Phelan is one of the few independent journalists who weathered the storm of the US/NATO bombing of Tripoli and their mercenaries’ invasion of the city. She was reporting from inside the Rixos Hotel and then moved nearby to the Hotel Corinthia, still amidst raging gun battles between government forces and the NATO mercenaries. She escaped Libya in a fishing boat which took her and others to Malta earlier this week. Today, she gives her first report since leaving Libya. We are indebted to Lizzie and other independent journalists whose work removed the mask of the corporate media and their paymasters. We look forward to more of her reports based on the months that she covered the war from inside Libya. - Les Blough, Axis of Logic Editor

Video: Sirte population under NATO Siege, Celebrating 1st September 2011 Anniversary
1 September 2011 | .

An article by Yash Tandon
How might things move forward in Libya?
25 May 2011 | NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) sustained assault on Libya ought to lead to calls for its leaders’ prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC), writes Yash Tandon, though ‘we know this will not happen’. A new regime run by ‘the people’, Tandon stresses, will merely see itself at the service of empire, helping to ensure access to oil, shore up Europe against refugees and bolster the region against forces deemed threatening such as Hamas and Iran; the challenge remains for Libyans themselves to sort out their differences and unite.

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