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By Ali Mousavi Khalkhali
Minorities seek Iran’s protection
28 January 2014 | .

By Kourosh Ziabari
Don’t kill the chances of diplomacy with Iran
27 January 2014 | The Geneva interim accord over Iran’s nuclear program signed on November 24 last year was a landmark development in the course of Iran’s relations with the world powers, especially the United States, with which it directly negotiated in a high-level for the first time since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

By Emadeddin Baghi
An Open Letter to President Hollande on the Geneva Talks
21 November 2013 | One of Iran most respected activists Emadeddin Baghi writes to Hollande, criticising him for Paris stance in talks.

About last week’s nuclear talks with Iran
Lavrov Reveals Amended Draft Circulated at “Last Moment”
17 November 2013 | Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed a crucial detail Thursday about last week’s nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva that explains much more clearly than previous reports why the meeting broke up without agreement.

By Robert Parry
Why France Sank an Iran Nuke Deal
12 November 2013 | Saudis and Israelis wanted to sink the negotiated deal on Iran’s nuclear program, so the French launched the diplomatic torpedo to take it down. But behind France’s action were Saudi financial muscle and Israel’s political skil.

Israel boosts attack on Iran nuclear deal after ‘productive’ Geneva talks
11 November 2013 | Israel is ramping up its effort to prevent a deal with Iran, which is seen as a serious threat to its national security. It comes after French intervention stalled high-level talks aimed at resolving the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program.

By Kourosh Ziabari
Iran’s nuclear file: how does the future look like?
25 October 2013 | With the recommencement of nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers, hopes have been revived that more than a decade of conflict and dispute between the two sides can finally come to an end and the concerns over the possible diversion of Iran’s nuclear activities toward an atomic weapon will be completely allayed.

Open letter by former senior UN officials
A China moment for the Middle East?
16 October 2013 | The resumption of negotiations in Geneva on the Iranian nuclear programme is a crucial moment for world peace, argue a group of seven former senior UN, UNESCO and ILO officials in this open letter in which they stress that "the West must understand countries are inhabited by people possessing our common humanity, with the same right to live, and must choose realism that unites over ideology that divides".

The impact of sanctions on Iranian people healthcare
10 October 2013 | This report by the "International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights" describes the destructive effects of sanctions which violate the basic human rights of Iranian citizens. Far from ensuring the consolidation of peace, the sanctions only cause human disasters and more injustice. - SC

By Kourosh Ziabari
Supporting Terrorists is not a New Policy for the U.S. : Prof. Lawrence Wilkerson
24 août 2013 | The election of Dr. Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s 7th president renewed hopes around the world that a new era of interaction and cooperation between Iran and the international community will begin soon. The government of “prudence and hope” promised to improve Iran’s foreign relations and find a negotiated solution to Iran’s nuclear stalemate after almost one decade of confrontation and dispute.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Prof. Frank N. von Hippel : President Obama Reluctant to Start a New War in Iran
7 August 2013 | Controversy over Iran’s nuclear program in the recent years has been one of the unchanging headlines of the world newspapers and TV stations that have fervently gave coverage to the confrontation between Iran and the Western powers over the allegations that Tehran is developing nuclear weapons.

By Kourosh Ziabari
The sanctions are killing the innocent Iranians in the hospitals: Dr. Mohammad Marandi
30 July 2013 | Over the past decade, Iran’s nuclear program has been one of the most controversial and debatable foreign policy issues which the U.S. mass media have widely discussed and continually given coverage to. Thousands of news stories, articles, commentaries and interviews were published by the newspapers and magazines on this matter beside hundreds of hours of radio and television programs aired by the American networks and stations.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
U.S. is engaged in a dirty war against Iran: Prof. Flynt Leverett
25 April 2013 | If you regularly follow the headlines on the American and European radio stations, TV channels or newspapers, you come to believe that Iran’s nuclear program is the world’s most important, unsolvable and complicated problem. It’s been more than a decade that they have been incessantly talking of an Iranian threat that has endawangered the world peace and security. At the same time, they turn a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear arsenal and the fact that Israel is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. The claim that Iran is trying to produce atomic weapons has laid the groundwork for the U.S. and its allies to impose harsh economic sanctions on Iran and damage Iran’s economy and trouble the daily lives of the ordinary Iranian people.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: Anti-Iran sanctions are warfare without military involvement
13 March 2013 | Public policy scholar and researcher Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich says that the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States and its allies have no moral grounds, are equivalent to collective punishment and illegal under the international law.

An Interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Kenneth O’Keefe: U.S. sanctions on Iran tantamount to collective punishment
11 March 2013 | The United States claims that Iran is after developing nuclear weapons, and has been repeating this allegation for nearly one decade. Although it has constantly failed to confirm its claims by presenting reliable and valid evidences and witnesses, it has imposed hard-hitting economic sanctions against Iran which have taken a heavy toll on the ordinary Iranian citizens, but interestingly haven’t demoralized them or undermined their solidarity and resistance.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Former US Senator Mike Gravel: Anti-Iran Sanctions Are Illegal and Ineffective
7 March 2013 | Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which removed from power the close U.S. ally Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the United States virtually stopped all its trade and business transactions with Iran after branding it a state sponsor of terrorism. Iran’s economy was not significantly dependent on the United States, and it could make important achievements with time, even to the extent of becoming the world’s 15th economic power in terms of nominal GDP in 2009.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
James H. Fetzer: The anti-Iran sanctions violate the international law
6 March 2013 | Many independent and conscientious thinkers and scholars in the world agree with this assumption that the sanctions which the United States and the European Union have imposed on Iran over its nuclear program are inhumane, unjust, contrary to the principles of human rights and constitute an act of war and collective punishment.

Hands Off Iran Statement drafted by Solidarity with Iran
Support of the legal and legitimate rights of the Iranian people for self-determination and sovereignty is growing
24 February 2013 | SIGN ON to IRAN statement responding to the upcoming 5+1 talks on Iran’s nuclear development — supported by the IAC and Ramsey Clark International support is growing for the legitimate rights of the Iranian people

Untold Truths about War on Iran
5 February 2013 | Press TV’s documentary program "Untold Truths" is a revealing documentary film about the life and experiences of former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd, who has escaped to Australia to keep safe from FBI prosecution.

An article by Kourosh Ziabari
Electronic discrimination: Iran’s web-based enemies
15 January 2013 | Google, Apple and many other U.S.-based companies have banned internet and computer services to Iran and deny Iranian citizens access to many websites, computer applications and hardware devices. In this article Mr Kourosh Ziabari traces the history of these sanctions affecting the Iranian citizens.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Dave Lindorff: Obama will not launch a war against Iran
13 January 2013 | Award-winning U.S. investigative journalist Dave Lindorff said in an interview with Tehran Times that the American people are deceived by the government about the alleged threats jeopardizing the States’ security and also about the size of military budget.

An article by Kourosh Ziabari on the Iranian nuclear issue
Iranian people suffering - Western politicians enjoying
13 December 2012 | .

An article by Kourosh Ziabari
Another drone captured: Washington feels trepid
7 December 2012 | Iranian media reported on Tuesday, December 4 that the naval forces of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have successfully hunted down an American Scan Eagle surveillance drone which had violated Iran’s airspace while on an espionage mission over the Persian Gulf island of Khark on the southern coasts of Iran.

Brzezinski: US won’t follow Israel ’like a stupid mule’
1 December 2012 | Leading US strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski rejects Israeli pressure to form American national security policy by beating the drum for war on Iran. Washington would not blindly follow Tel-Aviv if Israel chooses to unilaterally strike Iran, he said.

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
John J. Mearsheimer: Iran and US should Work toward Reconciliation
26 November 2012 | Prominent American political scientist Prof. John J. Mearsheimer believes that as a result of the enormous influence of the Israeli lobby on the U.S. politicians, one can hardly think of rapprochement between Iran and the United States in short-run, but they can move toward reconciliation by recognizing each other’s rights and responsibilities.

An article by Kourosh Ziabari
Four myths about Iran which need to be debunked
12 November 2012 | It’s not my words, but I’ve learnt it from tens of foreign tourists, journalists and academicians who have traveled to Iran in the recent years, that Iran is the most misrepresented and misunderstood country in the world.

An article by Atul Aneja
Defying U.S.-EU, Bern opposes curbs against Iran
28 October 2012 | Switzerland has reinforced its opposition to unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran outside the framework of the United Nations. The assertion comes in defiance of such unilateral sanctions imposed by Israel, the United States (U.S.) and the European Union (EU).

An interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Nile Bowie: ‘Average American knows very little about daily life in Iran’
14 October 2012 | U.S. journalist and photographer Nile Bowie says U.S. citizens know very little about daily life in Iran, adding that the realities on the ground in the country are different than what is being presented by Western media outlets.

An article by Mark - Human rights investigations
How to start a war with Iran
11 October 2012 | .

Tony Cartalucci interviewed by Kourosh Ziabari
U.S. Now Overtly Supports MKO’s Terrorist Operations
9 October 2012 | In a flagrant show of hostility toward the Iranian nation and a clear exercise of double standards in dealing with international terrorism, the U.S. Department of State has just removed the name of Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) from its list of foreign terrorist organizations.

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