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About the Israeli "Peace Camp"
Why I am not an Israeli peace activist
7 October 2010 | Genuine socialists fight against the Zionist project, writes Moshé Machover.

An article by Layla Anwar
Falluja Worse Than Hiroshima
2 July 2010 | I just finished watching a re-run of Ahmad Mansour’s Al-Jazeera Arabic - interview with Prof.Chris Busby. Prof Busby is a Scientist and Director of Green Audit, and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks. To find out more on Prof Chris Busby and his work — Google — Chris Busby Uranium.

The European Union and Israel
EU Considering Aid to Israeli Military
18 June 2010 | A leading Israeli supplier of warplanes used to kill and maim civilians in Gaza is in the running for two new scientific research grants from the European Union.

An article by Sungur Savran
The Other Fateful Triangle: Israel, Iran and Turkey
14 June 2010 | The thunderous events set in motion by Israel’s storming of the Mavi Marmara, the lead ship in the peace flotilla challenging the blockade of Gaza, have thrown important light on the overall situation in the Middle East.

An article by Alison Weir
As Israel kills and maims, outrage is directed at Helen Thomas
9 June 2010 | Whenever Israel commits yet another atrocity, its defenders are quick to redirect public attention away from the grisly crime scene.

An article by Craig Murray
Israeli Murders, NATO and Afghanistan
7 June 2010 | The Israeli attack on the high seas against a vessel flying a Turkish flag has ignited a crisis within NATO: the Alliance failed in its mission by not coming to the rescue of Turkey. From there, Craig Murray observes, it is legitimate to ask whether NATO is really a defensive alliance and if its costly commitment in Afghanistan is justifiable.

Consequences of Israeli bombing during "Cast lead" in Gaza
Metals detected in Palestinian children’s hair
17 March 2010 | Many Palestinian children still living in precarious situations at ground level in Gaza after Israeli bombing during "Cast lead" have unusually high concentrations of metals in the hair, indicating environmental contamination, which can cause health and growth damages due to chronic exposure.

An article by Paul Craig Roberts
The Road to Armageddon: The Insane Drive for American Hegemony Threatens Life on Earth
26 February 2010 | The Washington Times is a newspaper that looks with favor upon the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East and favors making terrorists pay for 9/11. Therefore, I was surprised to learn on February 24 that the most popular story on the paper’s website for the past three days was the “Inside the Beltway” report, “Explosive News,” about the 31 press conferences in cities in the US and abroad on February 19 held by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of professionals which now has 1,000 members.

An article by Galal Nassar
When Israel joins NATO
4 February 2010 | If Israel succeeds in joining NATO, its regional belligerency would be backed by the collective strength of the entire alliance. Before that happens, will the Arabs react, asks Galal Nassar.

Omar Deghayes testifies
How I Fought to Survive Guantánamo
22 January 2010 | For nearly six years, British resident Omar Deghayes was imprisoned in Guantánamo and subjected to such brutal torture that he lost the sight in one eye. But far from being broken, he fought back to retain his dignity and his sanity

An article by Saleh Al-Naami
Total racism, total war
24 December 2009 | On the first anniversary of Israel’s war on Gaza, shocking revelations are appearing on the methods and reasoning behind the war.

Economic Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
How Israeli arms companies benefit from European Union science funds
7 December 2009 | .

A lecture by Denis Halliday
The United Nations’ Role in Peace and War
4 December 2009 | Denis Halliday spent most of his career with the United Nations in development and humanitarian assistance-related posts. In 1997, he was appointed United Nations Assistant Secretary General and head of the Humanitarian Program in Iraq. One year later, after a 34-year career with the UN, Halliday announced his resignation from the United Nations over the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, characterizing them as "genocide". On 1st December 2009, he gave in Montreal a lecture entitled " The United Nations’ Role in Peace and War", in which he outlined the many failures of the organisation: the incongruity of the Security Council and the importance of its reform, the principle of double standards applied by the five permanent members which serves the interests of a minority, the need to criminalize war etc.. We present here the text of this (...)

An article by David Ray Griffin
Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?
9 October 2009 | Is Osama bin Laden still alive? I have dealt with this question in a recent little book entitled Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive? The present essay summarizes the main points of this book.

An article by Stuart Littlewood
The UN: International Law Versus the Law of the Jungle
18 September 2009 | Outgoing United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann says he was obstructed by leading UN members from trying to improve the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. "My greatest frustration this year has been the Palestine situation," he told the 192-nation assembly in his final address on 14 September before handing over the one-year presidency to Libyan diplomat Ali Treki.

Cultural Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
Raymond Deane: Resigning from Cohen and Amnesty
30 July 2009 | Renowned Irish composer and novelist Raymond Deane on the reasons why he has chosen to resign from Amnesty International. We encourage readers to follow Deane’s example.

Open Letter to Amnesty International
Entertaining Apartheid Israel Deserves no Amnesty!
30 July 2009 | .

The Left and Islam
Gilad Atzmon: Thinking Outside of the Secular Box
14 July 2009 | “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” — Karl Marx 1843

An article by Jonathan Cook
Israeli doctors colluding in torture of Palestinian detainees
30 June 2009 | Israel’s watchdog body on medical ethics has failed to investigate evidence that doctors working in detention facilities are turning a blind eye to cases of torture, according to Israeli human rights groups.

Kurt Sonnenfeld : Exclusive interview
9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public
22 June 2009 | As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent one month filming 29 tapes: "What I saw at certain moments and in certain places ... is very disturbing!" He never handed them over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina, where he wrote « El Perseguido » (the persecuted). His recently-published book tells the story of his unending nightmare and drives another nail into the coffin of the government’s account of the 9/11 events. Below is an exclusive interview by Voltairenet.

Class struggle and imperial propaganda
Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax
19 June 2009 | Despite the forecasts by western opinion leaders and reporters based in Tehran, the outcome of the Iranian presidential election leaves no room for doubt: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won by a landslide victory. This is hardly surprising, observes Professor James Petras, since people voted according to class interests : the incumbent national-populist candidate drew his support from the far more numerous lower classes while the pro-western elite voted for the liberal candidate, boosted by the western media. A similar electoral scenario has already been witnessed in other countries.

Lecture by Prof. David Ray Griffin
9/11: Time for a Second Look
19 April 2009 | Professor David Ray Griffin, renowned author of a series of series of eye-opening books that recount his painstaking research into the attacks of September 11, 2001, is on a tour of several major European cities . On the strength of mounting scientific evidence which casts serious doubt on the official account, it is indeed time for a second look at 9/11. As Professor Griffin says, “9/11 has affected us all", and it is time for the peoples of the world to support the scientific and professional leaders from all walks of life who are calling for a new investigation. 9/11 and the so-called "war on terror" are still part of the official rhetoric and continue to serve as the rationale underpinning the ongoing military offensives abroad and the erosion of civil liberties at (...)

About the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip
Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann: "Severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law "
27 December 2008 | “The behavior by Israel in bombarding Gaza is simply the commission of wanton aggression by a very powerful state against a territory that it illegally occupies. Time has come to take firm action if the United Nations does not want to be rightly accused of complicity by omission.”

Israeli State terrorism
Israeli-US ties: Shocking truths
27 October 2008 | At an international conference in London dubbed “Terrorism: Alternative global perspectives”, Alan Hart, the author of “Zionism: the Real Enemy of the Jews”, stated, “The United States is supporting Israeli-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East.” Speaking at the conference organized by the Center for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) in London to explore the comprehensive effects of the US “global war on terror”, he added that the Israeli regime, with blanket approval of Washington “simply ignores the United Nations resolutions concerning the violation of Palestinians’ rights”.

The European Union’s Blind Eye
How the European Union ignores Israel’s failure to fulfil its obligations
October 2008 | .

Lecture given by Mr Dick Marty
"Does one have to fight tyranny with the instruments of the tyrants?"
22 March 2007 | After a lot of research into the CIA abductions and the CIA secret flights in Europe, Dick Marty has proven at length, that it is not about the individual cases, because generally, they have become the norm. The President of the Commitee on Legal Affairs of the Council of Europe has concluded, in the end, that an organized system acts in public- if not in fact with an active agreement from the European states.

Wladimir Putin Foreign Policy
Vladimir Putin Speech at the "Munich Conference on Security Policy,” Munich, Germany, February 10, 2007
12 February 2007 | Vladimir Putin Speech and the Following Discussion at the Munich Conference on Security Policy,” Munich, Germany, February 10, 2007

Double Standards and Curious Silences
Amnesty International: A False Beacon?
13 October 2004 | Given the current escalation of Israeli depredations in Gaza and the daily US bombings of Falluja, it is interesting to examine Amnesty International’s (AI) statements on the situation. AI is widely viewed as an authority on human rights issues, and thus it is of interest to analyze its output on these recent events. Careful scrutiny of AI’s record reveals that, its typical response to the daily obscene deeds by either Israeli or US armies is a few barely audible ruminations with an occasional lame rebuke. The impotence of these responses raises many questions.

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