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In Defense of Gilad Atzmon By Jean Bricmont
11 May 2012 | The following is Jean Bricmont’s introduction for the French edition of The Wandering Who? (La Parabole d’Esther).

Palestine - An article by Susan Abulhawa
Solidarity and Realpolitik: My Response to Jeff Halper
5 May 2012 | Some years ago, I was on a panel with three men, Jeff Halper among them, at a Sabeel conference in Pennsylvania. Each panelist was asked to give their vision for a solution to the ’Palestine/Israel conflict’. Because I was sitting at the end of the table, I was the last to speak.

Mazin Qumsiyeh on Gilad Atzmon’s book "The Wandering Who?"
3 May 2012 | About nine years ago, I entertained the notion of writing a book on “group identities” so that I can understand these concepts that cause a lot of the ills of society. Both World War I and World War II emanated from interpretations of nationalism (a group identity) and the conflict in Palestine mostly emanates from another group identity called Zionism. The horrors of the Crusaders came from the group identity of Christendom. There is an issue now with the notions of (Political) “Islamism" ala Osama Bin Laden. I am still exploring and reading on this issue from different authors and thus was intrigued to read the book by Gilad Atzmon (*) that addresses this concept within Jewish communities.

The open society and its enemies
25 April 2012 | Silvia Cattori’s interview with novelist Jacob Cohen (*) discussing his book « Le printemps des sayanim » (The Sayanim Spring) prompted a staggering reaction by the national board of the Union juive française pour la paix (UJFP) who denounces Jacob Cohen’s comments "for displaying a guilty indulgence towards Atzmon" (**) and declares it “has decided to suspend him from the UJFP until the next general assembly, where his case will be examined and a statutory decision will be taken as to whether or not to exclude him”. Gilad Atzmon, who has also been inculpated by the UJFP, responds to its declaration, the import of which takes us back to the time of the Inquisition. - Silvia Cattori

An article by Greg Felton
Activists who talk like zionists continue to betray Palestine
23 April 2012 | Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: five weeks after the publication of the unfortunate call to disavow me, support keeps flooding in. The following is Greg Felton’s deconstruction of the statement (largely associated with Ali Abunimah). Greg is one of my favorite writers, his books: The Host and The Parasite and Exploding Middle East Myths: 15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda are both must read.

An article by Eric Walberg
Critiquing Israel: colonialism or Jewish culture?
6 April 2012 | Fighting the enemy at times means fighting your erstwhile comrades-in-arms, writes Eric Walberg

An article by Daniel Mabsout
The Holy Cow of the Palestinian Cause: Gilad Atzmon versus the Palestinian Establishment
3 April 2012 | The campaign against Gilad Atzmon is totally not only unjustifiable but also unacceptable . The great plight of Palestinians is not only the usurping of Palestine but unfortunately the usurping of the Palestinian cause itself that turned the plight of some people into a resourceful means for others among them so called leaders and so called militants and employees and activists and politicians and intellectuals and academicians and you name it.

An article by Roger Tucker
Open letter by Ali Abunimah has come as a shock to many people
31 March 2012 | The recent open letter Granting No Quarter: A Call for the Disavowal of the Racism and Antisemitism of Gilad Atzmon, apparently written by Ali Abunimah, has come as a shock to many people, including yours truly. Not only have the Zionists colonized Palestine and subjected them to a permanent campaign of genocide, but as anyone who has been paying attention knows, they have colonized the Western democracies, turning them into obedient puppets. Now it appears that they have also colonized the Palestine Solidarity movement.

An article by Rich Siegel, about Ali Abunimah’s Declaration
Permission to examine “Jewishness”
18 March 2012 | I played a concert with saxophonist/author Gilad Atzmon in Geneva, New York last night, a benefit for the Deir Yassin Remembered scholarship fund. This morning we happened to meet before breakfast in the hallway of our motel. He said, “I have to show you something. You won’t believe this.” We entered his room, he opened his lap-top, and set his browser on a link to a sort of a treatise, a declaration, prepared by Ali Abunimah and signed by various activists, entitled “Palestinian Writers, Activists, Disavow Racism and Anti-Semitism of Gilad Atzmon”. What has Gilad Atzmon done to inspire this very extreme action? He has examined, and written about, the issue of “Jewishness”, about HIS “Jewishness”, and about mine.

The Case Of Uri Avnery (Part I of II)
“Shukran, Israel” Analyzed And Refuted
5 February 2012 | Prelude: This is the first of a two-part series examining several critical positions of ‘Israeli’ “peace” activist Uri Avnery and how these positions relate to the overall rapidly-deteriorating status of the International Palestine Solidarity Movement.

Richard Falk chased by pro-Israel UN Watch
12 December 2011 | On November 10, 2011 – the UN Watch website blasted Richard Falk for posting a hilarious poem in reponse to Israel-Firster Alan Dershowitz’s slanderous article in Zeoconservative mouthpiece, New Republic. Alan Dershowitz had criticized both Richard Falk and John J. Mearsheimer for endorsing Israel-born British author Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wondering Who.

An article by Sarah Gillespie
In Defense of History, and Gilad Atzmon
29 November 2011 | Herodotos is an historian who trains you as you read. It is a process of asking, searching, collecting, doubting, striving, testing, blaming, and above all standing amazed at the strange things humans do. - Poet and translator of ancient Greek, Anne Carson, Nox (2011).

An article by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski
From De-Nazification to ’De-Antisemitification’
28 November 2011 | After 1945, my father issued a ’Denazification Certificate’ to the then GDR leader Erich Honecker, amongst others. In today’s sad present, a point is already reached where critics of Israel have to be provided with a ’Antisemitism-free Certificate’ in order to kosherize them. A point is already reached where representatives of Jewish interests are pressing to prevent public appearances of any such critic perceived as dangerous to them for simply working on the basis of facts.

An article by Lauren Booth
Three people in this marriage. The PSC, the Jewish Chronicle and Harry’s Place
27 November 2011 | This week, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has revealed itself to be ethically compromised at the highest level. In recent months it has become clear that the central office of the PSC, are increasingly pandering to the whims of Israeli hasbara activists. Joining with the likes of the rabid Zionist site Harry’s Place in efforts to silence some of this movement’s most outspoken and popular, thinkers.

An article by Jonathan Cook
Matthew Gould: The Missing Link in “Rogue” UK Foreign Policy?
23 November 2011 | The official inquiry castigating the UK’s former defence secretary Liam Fox for what has come to be known as a “cash-for-access” scandal appears to have only scratched the surface of what Fox and accomplice Adam Werritty may have been up to when they met for dinner in Tel Aviv.

An article by Othman Tazghart
Bernard-Henri Levy: Turning to Syria
23 November 2011 | Influential French Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy, who played a key role in NATO’s intervention in Libya, is now hoping to repeat the same scenario in Syria.

An article by Craig Murray
Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran
16 November 2011 | .

An article by Jane Merrick and James Hanning
Fox’s "best man" and his ties to Iran’s opposition
16 October 2011 | An investigation by the Independent on Sunday: The murky world of Adam Werritty: Self-styled adviser ’had links to Mossad’.

Israeli lobbies and their influence in Argentina
’Israeli agents operate in Argentina’
9 October 2011 | A strange episode took place this week in Buenos Aires. A huge radio tower that housed three FM stations collapsed on an area belonging to Argentina’s Security Ministry for, still, uncertain reasons.

An article by Wayne Madsen
Soros is attempting to take over "Occupy America" movement
6 October 2011 | I support all of the occupy movements. This is what we think we’ve been waiting for. But, we must not be tricked, bamboozeld, or fooled as innocent people were with the Libya lies. Therefore, the occupy teams must learn the lessons of the Tea Party so as to prevent being coopted. This piece from Wayne Madsen warns of the dangers and needs to be posted everywhere because it is a warning. (Cynthia McKinney - October 6, 2011)

Gilad Atzmon’s new book on debate
John Mearsheimer responds to Goldberg’s latest smear
26 September 2011 | Introduction by Stephen M. Walt—Ever since John Mearsheimer and I began writing about the Israel lobby, some of our critics have leveled various personal charges against us. These attacks rarely addressed the substance of what we wrote — a tacit concession that both facts and logic were on our side — but instead accused us of being anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. They used these false charges to try to discredit and/or marginalize us, and to distract people from the important issues of U.S. Middle East policy that we had raised.

An article by David Rose and Simon Walters
Revealed: Tony Blair’s intriguing friendship with one of the richest divorcees in Israel... and how Cherie was warned of ‘a sexy conspiracy’
25 September 2011 | Tony Blair has developed a close personal friendship with one of the richest – and most controversial – women in Israel. Ofra Strauss, 51, who divorced her second husband last year, is the head of a £1.3billion food company whose high prices triggered the biggest social protests in Israel’s history.

An article by David Cronin
Israel pays for junket by British MPs
20 September 2011 | Could the Israeli government be buying favors from British members of parliament (MPs)? I spent some time today wading through the register of financial interests for MPs from the Conservatives, the party of prime minister David Cameron. These showed that a number of them took part in a trip to the Middle East in early summer that was funded by Israel’s foreign ministry.

‘Zionists’ Crusade against Muslims
7 September 2011 | A recent study by the Center for American Progress (CAP) has revealed that seven US charitable organization have spent $42.6 million during 2001-2009 to spread hatred toward Islam and Muslims.

Bernard-Henry Lévy, Sarkozy and the Libyan "rebels" paved the way
The leader of the Libyan Jewish community in Britain said he has been invited to run for political office in post-Muammar Gadhafi Libya.
25 August 2011 | The leader of the Libyan Jewish community in Britain said he has been invited to run for political office in post-Muammar Gadhafi Libya.

An article by Henry Herskovitz and Michelle J. Kinnucan
The Role of Jews in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement
30 July 2011 | .

An article by Budour Youssef Hassan
The sham solidarity of Israel’s Zionist left
28 July 2011 | On 15 July, thousands of Israelis marched in occupied East Jerusalem to show their support for a Palestinian “state” in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Portrayed by its Israeli organizers as a joint Palestinian-Israeli march and ornamented with the slogans of “shared struggle” and “solidarity,” the Palestinian participation in the event was however scarce — a fraction of those in attendance were Palestinians.

A statement by the Palestinian BDS National Committee
Palestinian civil society expresses solidarity with people of Norway
27 July 2011 | Palestinian civil society, as broadly represented within the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), wishes to express its sincere condolences to and deep solidarity with the people of Norway and to Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking (AUF), the Norwegian labour youth party, in particular after the massacre of last Friday committed by a far right fanatic.

An article by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian
Jewish Voice for Peace? Really??
4 June 2011 | It appears that, yet again, Anti-zionist Jewish organizations are trying to silence Palestine’s supporters, to frame the debate, to secure the future of their brethren in occupied Palestine and to steer the course of Liberation of our Homeland.

Obama’s policy in the Near and Middle East
The Zionist lobby toppled the Baker-Hamilton policy
30 May 2011 | In light of the American failure in Iraq and the region following Israel’s defeats in Lebanon and Gaza, and in light of the depletion with which the Iraqi resistance afflicted the occupation army, the ruling institution in Washington produced the Baker-Hamilton document that set a framework to contain the failure based on two ideas.

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