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By Sami Jamil Jadallah
Egypt – Bullets not Ballots Rule
21 August 2013 | Red lines are crossed when political groups or individuals take up arms as part of civil protests seeking political or economic change. Governments and regimes also cross red-line when they use deadly military forces to quell such protests and invite the populations to take up arms and engage in popular and armed uprising to topple the regime and change the nature of the state. We have seen this in Libya and in Syria. The sad tragic and deadly events in Egypt shows both the military and the Brotherhood are unfit to lead and govern.

Watch Egypt fight for democracy (Video)
28 June 2013 | Egyptian People are taking the streets again, peacefully, demanding early presidential elections. Watch the video and know why. Share it with your family and friends, let our voice be heard.

An article by Adel Safty
Egyptians Playing into Zionist Hands
25 February 2013 | Israel’s designs call for the reoccupation of the Sinai, supporting the creation of a Coptic state in upper Egypt and two Sunni states in the North and in the South

‘Iran and Egypt going to offset Saudi and US in Mid-East’
26 August 2012 | Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is going to side with China and Iran to rebalance the region, Michael Hughes, foreign policy strategist at the Washington-based New World Strategies Coalition, told Russia Today.

Maidhc Ó Cathail Interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Israel, the Sole Winner of Arab Spring
19 August 2012 | Maidhc Ó Cathail is a widely-published author and journalist based in Japan. Maidhc is one of my good friends and I’ve always enjoyed his insightful writings. Just a few weeks ago, I asked him to take part in an interview with me and answer some questions regarding the Arab Spring and its implications for the United State and Israel.

An article by Russia Today
Egypt secures international ties amid turmoil at home
28 December 2011 | In an attempt to mend Cairo’s relations with other countries, the foreign minister of a new post-revolution Egypt has visited Moscow. Syrian unrest, NATO’s actions in Libya, talks between Israel and Palestine were among the issues on the table.

Egypt military apologizes via Facebook as protests continue
24 November 2011 | Egypt’s ruling military apologized on Thursday for the deaths of demonstrators caused by police as protesters continue to demand the immediate end to military rule.

Turmoil between Israel and Egypt
Israeli ambassador leaves Egypt
10 September 2011 | The Israeli ambassador to Egypt has flown out of Cairo, a few hours after demonstrators stormed the Israeli embassy. Yitzhak Levanon boarded a plane before dawn on Saturday morning.

An article by Joseph Massad about sectarian violence against Christian Egyptians
Sectarianism and its Discontents
7 January 2011 | American and Papal pretensions to be defenders of local religious minorities, aided in the last three decades by an army of US-funded NGOs, have contributed more to the situation of sectarianism rather than “safeguarded” Christian Egyptians.